Other "Yugioh: The Tournament" March '12: Return of the Round Robin

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Sup, it's been a while since I last did this, but it's a nice blast from the past. Anyways, i bet most of you know the rules, but if you guys haven't here they are.

Tournament Rules:
1. All players must carefully familiarize themselves with the latest rulebook and follow the rules carefully.
2. If there is a dispute in terms of rulings, refer to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki or you can go to #yugioh and ask if there is a ruling dispute. You can also look at the watcher's chat as normally #yugioh people will be watching
3. Game discussion will be held on #yugioh, on irc.synirc.net. This can also be used to schedule matches and find some help for your deck! (yes I'm shamelessly plugging #yugioh but who cares)
4. The tournament is knockout, played in Matches (not Duels!) ie. best of three (Victory Dragon is banned anyway).
5. Each player may use a 15 card Side Deck.
9. It is advised that players compete whilst sober. Nobody wants to duel a drunk Hobo Joe.
6.This is a TCG only Tournament: This means that sets will only go up to "Order of Chaos". Galactic Overlord and anything past Duel Terminal 10 will not be legal for this tournament, so don't use Lavals. It also means anything not released yet in TCG is illegal. If you can't find when a card would have been available to the TCG, look around on google or just ask us in #yugioh. We will be able to help. If you break this rule, your opponent will win game 1 automatically and you will be forced to edit your deck for the remaining games.

  • Because of the length of the tournament will definitely go past March 20th, Premium Pack cards will be legal.
7. Please post in the thread before halfway through the deadline to make sure you're active or you will be subbed out.

Anyways, now with the groupings. The top 2 will advance to the actual bracket. Also when you get your match done, please state how you won; either 2-0 or 2-1.

Group A:
pokemonrocks777 (Khart777) 1W/0L [2-1]
Princess Bri (! ! ! ! ! ! !Circe<3) 0W/1L [1-2]
Go10 (Go10)

Group B:
Atticus (guylaroche5 or Dwight Schrute or Crack Addict) 2W/0L [4-1]

kd24 (emblem) 0W/2L [2-4]
Sergio Aguero (mattyholt99) 2W/1L [2-3]

Group C:
Max (Whinesilencer) 1W/0L [2-0]
Disposable Puppets (Disposable Puppets) 0W/1L [0-2]

Group D:
Zorbees (zorbees) 2W/0L [4-2]
Hobo Joe (WASPINATOR) 1W/1L [3-3]

Grind Pantera (Panther Cry) 0W/1L [2-4]

Group E:
Ice-eyes (Ice-Eyes) 1W/0L [2-0]
RenegadeKingShawn (RenegadeKingShawn) 0W/1L [1-2]
drcossack (drcossack) 1W/1L [2-3]

Group F:
LizardMan (Lizardman) 0W/2L [1-4]
locopoke (Kenzo Tenma) 1W/1L [2-3]
reyscarface (reyscarface) 2W/0L [4-0]

Group G:
Yuki (Yuki60) 1W/1L [3-3]
Tobes (Tobes) 0W/2L [2-4]
Bluecaptain (Analog) 2W/0L [4-2]

Group H:
DracoMihawk (blamon123) 0W/2L [1-4]
pele (Slowdoug) 1W/1L [3-2]
blarajan (blarajan) 2W/0L [4-2]

Z-Rex (zed lep)

If I spelled your DN name wrong, please tell me too.

The Deadline is Saturday, March 17th. Post here before March 12th or you'll be subbed out due to inactivity.
about to go to bed tonight and will be away from the computer for most of tomorrow (to play yugioh irl!), but i'll pm my opponents when i get back about when to meet online for matches
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