Zracknel's logo thread

Thank you for the comments :)

Meanwhile, my tyranny of branding Smogon's official tournaments continues...

This time, with Smogon's Official Tournament.

(If you haven't signed up yet, get on over there!)

I also made avatars, just in case :)

ooooggg i dont know if i told you when you showed it to me first but that second one is sooo good and does look ultra chic and aghghh
it inspires me to do my own font playing, stop that ;_;

muk came out really awesome and so did your font, super impressive in color :)
bump with a secret santa piece...

~santa~ was really awesome letting me dual-wield gifts to give out this year

sorry if that's a spoiler or something, haha

this is a collab with Nastyjungle, who did the sketch for this piece


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Absolutely amazing. These are so good I'm gunna have to make up a word right now.......... Scrum....trelesent..... Scrumtrelesent.
SPL season 3 stuff

More stuff is on the way beyond what's below-- more updated avatars/signatures for existing teams in the works, as well as a few new team logos

will try to update as soon as I can

first up: re-introducing the team raiders

A small nod to team captain Jabbathegriffin's penchant for alcohol...

Also reintroducing

The Circus Maximus Tigers

This logo was a collab with nastyjungle, who did the sketch of raikou. I will post some of the process at a later time!

My sincerest apologies to the dragonspiral tyrants, whom I have to leave with a teaser for now:

coming as soon as I can, please don't kill me :(

New graphics for the stark sharks:

to the victors go the spoils...

(Thanks for the resize assist, jumpluff!)

An additional avatar, requested by makiri:

And finally: new content for all teams (sans tyrants and the team formerly known as the congregation of the classiest)

I did some desktop backgrounds if you'd like to rep your team at home :)

Click the links below for full-size images:

The Indie Scooters

The Ever Grande BIGS

The Alpha Ruiners

The Cryonicles

The Circus Maximus Tigers

The Wi-Fi Wolfpack

The Stark Sharks

The Team Raiders

special thanks to nastyjungle for all the hard work & late nights-- this stuff (and the stuff I'm not finished with yet) wouldn't have been quite as cool without her help!


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Fantastic work, Zracknel and NJ! The Raiders logo is really clever lol, and I'm loving Raikou's pose. Can't wait to see the logos that have yet to come, I bet the teams concerned are super excited. SPL is privileged to get so much of your talent~

The horizontal Sharks banner might need to be resized though, since the signatures cut off on the forums at 500px wide. ^^; But it's neat!