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  1. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

    Gods and Followers
  2. EXTREME Tier Shift

    maybe give OU mons +5 especially since Ubers are allowed
  3. Averagemons

    which doesnt matter in averagemons, though it does get pretty good special moves
  4. Project OU Theorymon [Voting: Check Post #3272]

    Delta steam + Mandibuzz
  5. Project OU Theorymon [Voting: Check Post #3272]

    Belly Drum Floatzel
  6. Project OU Theorymon [Voting: Check Post #3272]

    Focus Blast + Mega Pidgeot
  7. Project OU Theorymon [Voting: Check Post #3272]

    spikes + pidgeot
  8. Other Metagame of the Month Archive

  9. Linked

    me and Akumeoy had a best of 3 but i only recorded the last battle still a good game though, i barely won the first, he destroyed me the 2nd, and i came out on top for the 3rd
  10. Turnmons

    I cant find it on there, where is it on aqua?
  11. Silly Things You've Seen In Other Metagames

    you cant miss switcheroo unless he was holding bright powder or something like that, LOL
  12. Linked

    this isnt me but i was looking at linked replays for some good ideas for teams and i saw this. NEW META HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA
  13. Project OU Theorymon [Voting: Check Post #3272]

    Tornadus + Competitive
  14. Birthday/New years shiny 6iv sylveon giveaway :) [CANCELLED]

    8, btw your bday # is the same as my Dads, so happy early bday to you!
  15. VGC 2015 Rules

    I'm Personally just really happy because i can use my SR mega Latias :]