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  • yeah :D
    the atmosphere of the finals was amazing, and i've gotta try to come back next year^^
    I have a deactivated one that I can reactivate, been meaning to anyway. My RL name is Chris Maher
    ah, didn't know lol

    but yeah, i've been p. good despite the fact that i couldn't go to vgc's this year and hang with you guys. you should come back on irc! we're all at #skarmbliss
    I managed to get student of the year at my school, so I am really thrilled about that.

    I am currently jobless myself though, and yeah. Good things come with time!

    I usually lose to hax most of the time too. I am really sorry to hear that.

    Life has been pretty hectic for me lately, so I have been just playing for fun rather than being competitive mainly. I have been playing yugioh too, and SSBB.
    Yea, no prob at all. Im just glad we were finally able to get it done. And I'll definitely see you in a week. =)
    Yes, that's the right one. And you just made me realize that I still have my old one listed in my about me section. I'm heading to wifi now.
    Yea, I kept checking too and I always came on too late at night. Anyways, let me grab my diamond game, and I'll head to wifi.
    Yea, we do seem to always miss each other. I can trade now if you want, but like you said, if we cant get it done online we can just take care of it irl on Friday.
    Ah. I thought so. I remembered you had changed your name. Thought that looked like it but didn't remember exactly. Well, thanks to you for sending me over here. I've done quite a few things since then. =)
    Pretty sure. I think you were one of the people I talked to when I first made Zomg. Anyway.. just wanted to see if you were the same person. Probably.
    Oh. Get tired of it? I think I talked to you over there a while back. That's why I asked.
    You're welcome :D Thanks for the Luvdisc, and enjoy the Eelektross. But beware, it's a beast! xD
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