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  • thats 3AM in the morning for me :/ I can play around this time tomorrow (2 hours give or take) unless you can make that you can take the win.
    I forgot ur alt because the forums were down and I couldn't check >_< sorry about that but can we do it either tommorow or tonight same time? If not feel free to take activity win because I'm at fault
    2PM or 3AM your time are ideal for me. Would either of these times this saturday be alright for you?
    you should do the latter, and ask one of the OU mods to reassign the thread to you.
    Okay, got some things I had in my head out of the way so I can focus on this more. I think overall the problem with esca is how slow it is while lacking prio. It's bulk is good but not good enough to handle Kyu + X IMO. On the other hand, Metagross can work in a similar way except that it trades the cool bug STAB for Bullet Punch which means that no matter how weak it is it can still keep Kyu-B in line. Slowbro can be a problem but it can run Thunderpunch/Trick and the fact that it is taking chunks out of it could make things easier for CB Terrakion. What do you think?
    Sorry, I'm on trying to do multiple things so I can't really give you as good a response as I would like. It looks like Esca can check everything and serve as the sturdy counter to Kyu-B that we need. However, I'm worried about it being easy to force out as well as being able to handle Raikou AND Kyu-B. Seeing as both threaten our team, having them both together can mean that one removes our check for the other. It may be worthwhile, though.
    I know, it's really annoying how random stuff like this can be so bothersome. A lot of trouble would be off our shoulders if Zapdos had a means to beat boosting special attackers (phazing or status) but then Zapdos would struggle against Spikers or Lando-I. I'm going to keep digging, there must be something we can use.
    hi, we have to battle for the Les carrottes sont cuites Tournament what times are you free?
    I'll get that done tonight (I'm on my phone so it'll be hard atm). I was just waiting to see the discussion in the thread die down.
    Hihi! You said that you'd look over the C&C of Slowbro before it can be finished; when will you get to that? If you're busy, that's fine as well.
    Actually, since you did make two 'submissions', I'm let you choose which one you want as your final and if you choose Forry I'll change Heatran. If not, I'll just vote for your set haha
    No prob. Let me know how it works for you, or post in the thread; either way is good.
    Hi-Jump Kick / Crunch / Ice Punch / Drain Punch; 236 Hp / 252 Atk / 20 Spe. Outspeeds 0 Spe Base 60's. Pretty simple and foolproof.
    Yea, I'll have that updated, alexwolf - kinda want to get some other stuff done first, though.
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