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  • you should ask others (PKGaming, SDS, AG), but I support you taking over Froslass.
    Hello Alexwolf! During past week, I was unable to use my PC, as I was on another city, which is why I couldn't implement any changes on my analysis. That said, I only had time to do things like talk with Axelia, another Smogon user.

    I see, I must have accidentally deleted it when rearranging the sets. It's been re-added now.

    As for the overview, SDS offered to update it. Trust me, this doesn't reflect poorly on your part at all.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    js u prolly need to edit that post since iv been talking about landorus-I + keldeo + CB Tar for like the entire thread lol... (which breaks the core)
    I just realized that your location field says Greece. I'd like to go there someday, I hear it's pretty :) also pretty dead financially but w/e
    Hi! Just thought I'd let you know that the Smogon Creators Organization is currently hosting sign ups for our first ever tournament! If you're interested in participating, sign up before the deadline of March 25th!
    Hi! Welcome to the Smogon Creators Organization! Thanks for accepting our invitation!

    So, I hope you enjoy being a part of the group and provide some nice contributions to discussion! If you'd like to introduce yourself to the rest of the group, or if you have any questions, you can do so in the Introduction discussion.
    Sweet dude! good to be talkin to you again haha
    I'll tell False to send the request
    I've actually tested Bisharp extensively and it's definitely viable for an OU analysis, in my opinion. I even have a team that I've been using:
    The analysis is very outdated and needs a revamp, though. My set is the best =)

    Thanks for the happy birthday =)
    hey Alex! Me and my friends were wonderin' if you were interested in joining a Group that we made called Smogon Creators Organization. It's a place for competitive discussion and leisure. We aim to keep it pretty selective but at the same time expand the group to high numbers. Since you're really knowledgeable and great at battling (I still remember lol)
    I was wonderin' if you'd be interested. If not that's totally cool, just let me know ! :)
    Jesus fucking Christ I'm getting tired of the vm system sending these things to me

    I'm planning on it! I always like finding pointless errors, and I figured out through some research that they can see the specific errors I'm correcting, so hopefully I'll be doing some work in there. Made one change already by pure luck when snooping around -_-
    hahahaha nah man its chill. we both got our real lives to deal with haha
    Me? I've been pickin' up Competitive again. I really want to get better at this game and when Gen VI rolls around I want to be able to really make myself a name in competitive battling :]
    hey alex hows it been :]
    haven't spoke to you in ages ... and you were one of my first buds on Smogon too :/
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