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  • Hey, we're opponents from Metagame tweak tour, when want u play?
    I'm gmt-5 and I have to build my team.
    Sorry that you got kicked out of the smogon's creators organization.
    However, why were you inactive?
    Bulky Specs Toed, Specs Moltres, LO Spinner Starmie, Sash SR Dugtrio (HE DOES SO MUCH WORK) Bulky SD Scizor, and LO Tornadus. I was at a friend's last night using it, so I'll see if he can send me the actual copy+paste of the team.
    So I started using that Specs Moltres team template you've got going (Moltres, Tailwind Tornadus, Spinner, etc.) and holy shit fuck it's good.
    np - but it's also true that some people are unsatisfied with your irc behavior. I think PK Gaming will be talking to you about it, so please take his advice seriously.
    Hello! I wanted to ask quickly; for the Magnezone analysis, do you wish to keep the Dual Screen set removed? The original writer removed it, and while I didn't see the other QCers object to that action, I just wanted to confirm it.
    hey man
    I will be online from now for about 5 hours try to find me on ps
    I'm gonna post an RMT with that set soon, it is sooo fun to use lol. Sets up on like half the meta, and the other half keldeo OHKOs xD
    Thanks. I wish I could have started this analysis after my Donphan one, because I learned so much from that. Looking at the Darmanitan analysis reminds me of all my past mistakes, which would have never happened if I'd done this just now. Oh well, I guess I have to fix the hell out of this bad boy.
    Whoa my writing is really sloppy? How so? I understand that I needed to fix things but it doesn't look SLOPPY. Besides, that was technically my first analysis, and I haven't done much work to it while I finished my Donphan analysis, so I never got to fixing up the gender problem. I don't really appreciate you calling my writing VERY sloppy, since my Donphan analysis would have most likely been shot down before GP checks. I understand it needs work though.
    I'm going to get to it. I had to write up 2 other analyses and I forgot about sorta overlooked (forgot) Tangrowth.

    I'll implement the check right now - thanks for reminding me.
    oh you just copied it from the site and it was back in the torn-t era

    2 things about your moltres analysis:
    - torn-t is banned from ou, you meant just torn
    - ability: Pressure must be added
    Hey saw you on the whose's online list and you have a cool name.Wolves are my favorite animal.Anyway I am advertising my group Team Keyblade and Our new Keyblade Battling League.Check it out it's an original concept
    I just thought i'd let you know that I fully implemented your Durant update.

    Thanks for taking the time to make our onsite analyses more competitive / in-depth, I really appreciate it.
    Oh, cool! Athens seems nice.

    Idk if America as a whole is bad (well, I guess it is,) but my city sucks balls so yeah
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