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  • Wow, I'm kidding. That's 8 pm. However I just realised I have made two appointments on that one evening already (so I actually have to already cancel one). I'm sorry but I can't on thursday evening. Friday evening however is not a problem.
    That's (good god I'm so bad at calculations now that I have my calculator XD) 6 pm thursday. It's a tricky time. Maybe it's during dinner or at the time I have to bring someone away. I'll ask wether they can go on their own okay?
    That's 5 at night or 6 at morning for me. Definitely won't do since I'm catching a late night movie beforehand and I definitely need those Z's haha. Don't you have somebody here who's a bit more my timezone which I can trade the pokes to who can trade them back to you? Like somebody at GMT+4/5 or something :P
    You at 12 PM? Which means me at 4 o' clock in the afternoon? Sure :P I could also go at 12 AM/PM (or whatever in the morning). Not sure which time you ment for who :P
    Since our timezones differentiate like 8 hours (-.-') I think it's best to really make an appointment. If I'm online here at 10 AM in the morning and you would be online at 6 PM or me at 11 AM you at 7 PM. Just tell me as long as I don't have to get out of my bed pretty early :P

    I'm looking specifically for a Crobat with at least flawless hp, attack and speed, and preferably flawless defenses. If that's possible for you let me know.
    I've been on and you shouldn't rush people offering to give you things. lol
    pm me then and don't worry about giving me anything.
    Yeah I have a couple


    Relaxed/calm/ bold~Serene Grace
    Move set
    wish/toxic/cosmic power/ Thunderbolt

    This is a set I made that is pretty much a wall/ Annoy you set
    Serene grace boost chance of paralyzing an Opponent with Thunderbolt
    Toxic is there to well be toxicy of course. Cosmic power Boost jirachi's spd and def by 1 stage each time you use it. Get up 2 and you can annoy the shit out of anything. Wish is there to make sure jirachi sticks around
    Sorry to tell you I have neither of those natures. I seem to have a million and 1 evd ones bur I'm missing the most common 2 natures
    it's fine man don't sweat it. What nature are you looking for more specifically.
    Ames I have multiple flawless jirachi's but what are you offering in return?
    I have a Mild Jirachi with 31/13/31/31/31/31(got bored of reseting for Timid/Modest). I can clone it and give it to you if you want it.
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