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  • Yeah sure, I can give you them. I've got the files so I could give you those to or I can clone them for you and trade 'em to ya. Just tell me what you prefer ^^
    Okay, I'll VM you when I have wireless internet (I'm on a wire right now, can't plug that into my DS :P).
    I like courses that are diverse. I'm curious about a lot of things and I like to get to see a lot of different aspects of the same subject. I've always loved design and actually wanted to become a game designer but drawing isn't really my thing. Coding is and I already enjoy having created games like Snake and Othello haha ;)
    Ooh, I love design. So do you learn to draw or by use of a computer program?
    Oh, I think the english term is Computer Science. I like learning how to program the most ^^ Gotta go to school now! Talk to ya later.

    Btw, Melty is letting me distribute the Reshiram. In like 4 or 5 hours I'll be online all day to distribute ;)
    This is the 5th period. I had three courses and two of them require exams. It's actually the very first period in which I get to finish a course with just a verbal exam, which really wasn't that hard... especially if you get along with the assistent ;)
    The next period, the 6th, will be the last and then I'll have a vacation, oh yeah ;)
    Right now the highschoolers have their end exams, I remember having to do those last year :P
    Btw, I think Holland's school periods have way different starting and ending dates than those of Australia's (I think that's where you're from? or I read that wrong >.>)
    Haha, yeah I have (got beaten the shit out of me -.-'), it's been a long time though. I've been focussing on collecting and training pokemon to use in a tournament. It's a tournament on a Dutch forum over wifi with people I've known over a year, it's going to be so much fun and now that I've learned to RNG I can't wait to beat the shit out of them back xD (I didn't do so well in a former tournament :P)

    We'll battle soon =D Man... being online here doesn't really help when trying to learn for an exam (got one tomorrow... aaah *scared* XD).
    Alright, well to start out I would appreciate a banner for my Dream World section. My theme is the ocean, so it would need to say Dream World and the background be ocean-related, with water pokemon of course :) My fav water pokemon are octillery, kingdra, and cloyster btw.
    Are you still good to trade in 10 hours from the time of this message? I'll be back online then.
    "Hey there, I'm not entirely sure if I understand the rules of your thread but are you offering credits in your thread to players new to the competitive scene here? That would be me :P haha. I also have DW female poliwag I could trade for one of your pokemon?"

    Sorry, the quote code doesn't work in VMs...

    I don't offer free credits anymore, sorry. However, I am interested in the Poliwag.
    No problem, anytime ^^ I had been thinking about a tutoring project some time ago for RNGing so whenever you're up to it you can contact me haha! Laters ;)
    Well the game doesn't show you your SID. You normally would have to use an AR for that. However I found a site that only requires you to have an internet connection:

    However, a SID is really only necessary for Shiny pokes ^^

    Anywayz if you're interested I could teach you. Will take about a quarter to half an hour to find out. I used a video instead of the guide and from there I just experimented myself. This is only the third day that I'm RNGing :P
    Hahaha, sure, I'll let you know ^^ You know RNGing really isn't that hard. The guide (with SOOOOOO much text and harcore words) makes it look hard. I could teach you you know ^^

    Anywayz, I you're interested in a Nice IV'd Careful Drain Punch Scraggy lemme know. I'm making one for someone (and EVing it) who will trade me a flawless Ditto back and I'm sure I'll be left with some spitbacks ^^

    Thanks for the Zorua and Aron. I'm looking forward to breeding them also ;)
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