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  • hey whats up, i saw your request for a dynamic punch metagross, since the move is given by a move tutor, it cannot be breedable, the only way for a legit one is using that specific metagross giving to you at the end of the game and either teach that metagross or any bred from it. but i can make one via sav and AR in 4th gen and change the description the it came from Hoenn, though i am not sure if will pass the test as legit. PM me if interested
    hey man how you going?
    if you know how to use files now, i can sent you a heap of good stuff!
    let me know!
    hey man yeh that would be alot easier!!
    haha i need sleep. sick of wifi trading
    PM me your email address and ill email back with the file
    I'm an animator. I know what you mean, no matter how crazy the workload gets it's still fun. :D
    ooo thanks! ^^
    How are you liking Illustration class? Is it a really heavy workload?
    Hiya! I'm gonna reply to you here if you don't mind. ^^
    I like that you wondered if it was copic markers, because that's the style I was going for in Photoshop. I wanted it to look like it may have been coloured by markers. :D
    It was sketched in pencil and scanned in, then it was completely digitally coloured.
    hey ames how are you
    i wont be home till sunday around midday NSW time.
    So if you want it then i will give it to you! sorry about that
    im at bondi for the weekend!
    Unfortunately yes, I think they can be used in wifi battles though. If its a huge problem for you, I can try to get them cloned by AR if I can find someone
    That's it. Just to test it out, try searching for a public pokemon on generation 5 and hit queue for transfer. then go back in the gts and you should receive it
    Just make an account you don't need to enter any personal info just username and password you want
    I could help you with trading files, its a lot easier than you many think. Just go to and change your DNS to theirs, then I could send you the files, you would put them on the website, then queue for download on the gts. Then next time you go to the GTS, you will receive them
    It went really well for the minimal effort I put in hahaha. We got two and a half hours to complete and I was done in 30+ minutes XD
    Alright, I'll be in that room in 1 minute (have to get the pokemon from the box... suddenly I got 24 boxes, I hate to skip between them -.-').
    Okee doke. That makes things easier for me. :) When we trade for the Scyther, just use my Pearl code.
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