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  • Sent! And btw, sorry the gastly doesn't actually have HP fire. My mistake. I thought the extra speed point was too important, plus this was meant to be a subdisable gengar.
    I actually chose to release that Skarmory, I bred it before I realized it would be able to get roost in 5th gen. So I'm going to abuse it in 4th gen.
    I think I have most of the files up on pokecheck by now. Can you tell me again what ones you wanted?
    Well the part that says to right click-->Run as admin is the one I dont get. Where exactly do you do that part?
    yes,both of them. But I'm not sure if the version I downloaded is the correct one.
    see, I downloaded both of the programs needed to clone on pokemon white but I really dont know how to use them, so I was wondering if you could help me with that? ^^'
    Lol sorry, I have been learning RNG abuse in 4th gen lately, haven't even touched my black game :o
    I'll get to it ASAP :P
    Right now it's getting EV trained, but will do when I get it back tomorrow. In the meantime, I RNGed a shiny shroomish, want it?
    Absolutely, I'll try to upload it. My internet's acting up, so the latest it could get sent to you is Wednesday when I get back to my dad's.
    Hey man yeh for sure! i can give you the dratini, it takes so long to upload pokemon man! I have hundreds but no time!! send me your email and ill send the file to you
    Haven't started yet, been trying out emulators. I'm searching for a seed now and will RNG it when I wake up
    The dynamic gross isn't going to happen unless I could find a rom with a sav file that has metagross and that tutor guy can still teach d punch, thats only way i could think of for A legit metagross
    leftovers and CS on 5th gen please, what would you like in return? im going to have to give whatever you want in SS/HG though because i only have one DS right now so i cant transfer over at the moment unless you want the .pkm file, my white FC is
    Cool thanks man I would like these items
    focus sash, choice scarf, mystic water, nevermelt ice, occa berry, lum berry, left overs and light clay, I hope its not too much to ask for, I can give you a metagross with dynamic punch either way so you can test it see if it's any good, hell I might even keep one for myself, or i can give any poke you would like (ev trained lvl100) up to 4th gen
    not trying to be an ass, but simply what you want is asking for too much. and i cant RNG at all so your outta luck with that Dx, and ive also never seen a meta with dynamic punch witch makes it that much rarer, so if you find one congrats! i really mean it. but i was going to ask you for something, if you can give me a few items in 5th gen? id really appreciate it
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