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  • Unfortunately I can't trade because I'm about to go to school. Will you be able to trade 2 days and an hour and a half from now? That will be our best chance I think.
    Good news, we don't differentiate 8 hours anymore. We now differentiate 7 hours! (Apparently, my timezone is GMT+2, at least that's what Smogon says). So now you only have to stay up untill 4 am ^^ See ya then!
    yeah I can trade now. my FC is in my sig xD I think yours is in your sig too so I'll look for it. I didn't reply before because I was trying to breed that damn 31 speed IVs chimchar which I finally managed to do =D. I'll register your FC and when you've seen this VM tell me so we can trade.
    nope, he's a regular torchic, and yeah, you can trade it for archen =)
    I have 5th gen starters and fossils, chimchar, turtwig, torchic, charmander, and zorua. I guess I could catch something for you if you want, too.
    lol thanks xD RNG'd pokemon... that's just not the way the games are meant to be played. By any chance, do you have any of the pokes I'm looking for?
    About how much longer until you'll be home then? I should be able to trade about this time tomorrow if that will work for you.
    Okay, I'll start working on it after I have dinner. I'll VM you when I finish.

    Can you pokeshift? To get both egg moves I'll need to bring over a Hitmonchan from 4th gen. I can trade you the Hitmonchan to shift. If not, I'll get help in the Simple Question/Request thread.
    Yeah, I am in both. What do you want in exchange for them? I can abuse eggs and wild pokemon in White.
    thats alrite mate! thankyou for the trade
    it wasnt your fault
    the 5G nintendo wifi is really bad, always stuffing up!
    enjoy victini
    Yeah that'd be great. I really don't want to forget this appointment 0.o!! Till then ;)
    I hope you're willing to get up early as I don't feel like staying up in the night to trade pokes :P So than it'll be 9 PM for me 5 AM for you but if you want to sleep a bit longer: [9 - 12 PM for me 5-8 AM for you] ^^ Oh besides a Durant or a Boldore you could also choose a 31/31/31/x/31/x Wathchog for compensation :P
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