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  • the CRAAAAAAAAB kills anyone he please. what will your last words be?
    IDs are generated once you exit the screen with the TV ;) (once it turns black after you click A to continue from the TV screen talking about the red gyrados)
    what else exactly am i supposed to be doing in my free time if its not that?
    i got a warning from the admins saying 'giant enemy' was too intimidating to new members :(
    hey...sorry to bother you..but would it be possible for me to get the clampearl you bred for me? You gave it to me as a it couldnt learn shellsmash :(
    I think I can hit a shiny on a timid 30/31/30/31/31/31. I'm prayin'
    hah, darn I was really on smogon nearly the whole day. It's already a hour and 30 minutes past midnight. I should get some sleep. O.O
    I know but ma hands are tired. I know but ma hands are tired. I know but ma hands are tired. I know but ma hands are tired. I know but ma hands are tired.

    I would continue this copia pasta shenanigan but my hands are tired :p.
    I'm too lazy to figure out what that is, you see you might think im doing it right now but i'm not.... I'm too lazy to figure that out what that is, you see you think i'm doing it right now but im not....

    My hands get tired pretty quickly haha.
    lol, I actually checked if you made spelling errors there, but nope. You wrote every Link is a tree perfectly.
    Well no need. . . I now have a bagon, gible, and riolu for breeding purposes. . . All thanks to pokecheck.
    Dude, I have been waiting for my Soulsilver's safari zones to level up. . . which is damn near impossible when it means you cant rng anything for 100+ days.
    Thank you very much for this lol. Either way if it does result in ribbons, (I don't think I plan on trading much, but just in case), I will come calling for generation transfer help. So long as you don't mind.
    It also looks like this might enable me to transfer my own pokemon from gen 4 to gen 5, but I am not sure.
    Alright then, thanks for the quick answer. lol One other thing. Considering Ebon won't be getting on for awhile. I am kinda stuck on the parents for my breeding projects. I was wondering if you would be interested in temporarily taking up the same arrangement him and I had? Basically, he provided me with parents for breeding projects and I gave him one of the kids.
    Yea and follow MMX's advice. Breeding on HGSS is muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch easier.
    Still a bitch but a looser one
    It's a bitch, your egg frames jump all over the place, NPCs, and many other issues.
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