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  • Sorry to bother ya', but would you be able to ref our battle with Little Battler? A friend of mine is hoping to get a battle, and I believe this should be the last round vs. Little Battler.
    Hey there Blaziken, I think this is our last round with Little Battler! :D

    On another note, Round 3 is up in your battle with EndQuote, and the RNG was too nice to you, lol.
    I assume Zubat's actions are also aimed at Natu? Or are they still aimed at Chinchou?
    ive been good man, i stopped playing pokes for like 2 years but ive somehow gotten back to it, what about you?
    yo, do you remember me? i think we used to chat right when i started playing pokes
    Hey, in your doubles I'm reffing, I need you to choose one ability for each of your pokemon, then I can get the next round up tonight, since GK said I don't need to show him each round for this one
    Just saw your post, no problem. :) Your battle with EndQuote might not run as quickly as normal, since I'll be working with Korski, so I hope that's okay with you. The flavor comes easily, it's the calculations that I need to learn. I got the gist of it though, so it shouldn't be too bad.
    Just so you don't think I've been putting off your match, I sent in the next round to GK for approval, so it should be up in the next 12-24 hours
    Yeah, I messaged the guy to tell him that it's up and he's first, but he hasn't responded. He was on earlier this morning, so idk why he hasn't yet.
    Psssst! Sorry to bother, and I believe there's something somewhere thay says what determines it(which I can't find), but who sends out the first mon / makes first actions in our match(me vs. Little Battler)?
    I noticed that you have an open slot. Hop on IRC ASAP; we can do a hyper-quick 1v1 tonight, courtesy of Fire Blast.
    It's fine. You're probably right, but my brother mentioned he might get the counters, so I figured I'd ask.
    I believe that there was a refereeing error in my ASB match against Doominic. You had my Larvitar use Earthquake and his Vibrava use Outrage when it should be vice versa.
    Hey, can you DQ Shiny Umbreon in my battle with him. This is the second time that he has gone past the 48h DQ time, which shouldn't really happen when all he has to do is post some orders.
    Your battle has been reffed, but the DQ time is 2 Days (48 hours), so I would still have 6 more hours to ref.
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