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  • For vs. Quantum Derp:

    ...While my inability to account for absorption abilities STILL astounds me, Rhyhorn shouldn't have increased special attack; being immune to electric-type moves overwrites that effect. (at least in-game.) Rhyhorn still draws Electric-type moves to himself; but he doesn't gain the special attack boost.

    Finally, Rock Blast is physical, not special.

    IRC confirmation:
    23:49 Tortferngatr BTW, another brief change:
    23:49 Tortferngatr Lightning Rod should NOT affect the special attack of Ground-types.
    23:50 Tortferngatr The current description lacks a mention of this, so I wanted to confirm it with you. Thank you!
    23:52 Deck_Knight Type trumps Ability trumps Item
    Our battle is up, and so is Fafnir the Shelgon. Whenever you get on, those could use taking care of.
    Remember to note how much longer shellder will be confused and you also need to mark 20% paralysis. Use a boosts/drops and "other" section under energy and HP
    When using Substitute, you have to say what the Substitute HP number is. It's a number between 15 and 25 so go ahead and edit with your choice!
    "Fire spin around yourself"

    Can't do that in the Subway, sorry! We're following in-game precisely so go ahead and edit your orders! (I'd just set up action one and kill Liepard on action two lol.)
    Sorry, I was really busy and still am busy... but seeing how you deleted your challenge post, does that mean you don't want to do it anymore?
    Reffing your battle with arcanite, promise to be faster than your one with glacier. :s PM team
    Hi! You need to change your Gliscor's DW Ability to Poison heal, and make sure that Blaziken is Fire/Fighting.
    In CAPASB, you need to send me your team for going against C$FP - It's a 1 v 1, so you send me a team of 3 mons. Thanks ^_^ (Please don't link to registration tower post, as that will change over time).
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