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  • monday 2pm my time would be good, any day around 2 is fine for me actually, the sooner the better
    When do you want to play for the Mashup? I'm available anytime each day except new years and new years eve until the deadline. Just find me on IRC in #smogon or #pokemon and PM me when you're ready.
    Begin Turn #2
    Gengar used Hypnosis!
    Exeggutor fell asleep!
    Exeggutor woke up!
    End of turn #2
    carlo's Gengar: 100% HP
    blarajan's Exeggutor: 393 HP
    blarajan: lol.
    Your opponent has disconnected.
    Redemption has started watching.
    Redemption: i play winner yo
    blarajan: tourney match.
    blarajan: and he dced lol.
    Redemption: oh lol
    Redemption: didn't know
    blarajan: yeah np.
    Redemption: you from antiquity?
    blarajan: what's that?
    Redemption: lol what site are you from? smogon?
    blarajan: yeah.
    Redemption: I';m a RBY2k10er
    blarajan: oh cool.
    blarajan: i suck at rby.
    blarajan: oh well.
    blarajan: anyways i have to end this match.
    carlo has 30 seconds remaining before the win goes to blarajan by default!
    blarajan: after the 30 seconds end.
    Redemption: RBY is easy to be good at
    Redemption: lol
    carlo has been inactive for 3 minutes. blarajan wins by default!
    Okay I forgot I had a dentist appointment at 4 today, but I'll be fine tonight at 5:30.
    Hey man, i was subbed in for Zurich, if you want to play now i'm on smogon server :)
    netbattle isn't working so you're probably going to have to get a diffferent opponent :/
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