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  • Hello. Update for PureWhite! Beat Clay and Bianca in epic fashion. Now finishing Celestial Tower. Got all my 6 partymembers and I will be training for Skyla soon.

    Hello I'm your opponent for Oh My Mirror R2, my team is ready. Let me know when can we play.
    Got a Arena Trap Trapinch, with Naïve (+Spd, - SpD) nature and Iv's of 31/31/3/15/24/17. You can understand that it pleases me :D
    ok thanks for telling. I beat Burgh (eviolite Scyther + fast pokemon) and Bianca. Porygon had eviolite. I'm gonna do sth fun tomorrow afternoon (squash), so I won't be only online for long tomorrow. Plz don't get further ahead :D

    oh, maybe tomorrow morning and i got to work from 20:00 untill 22:00. have a nice day tomorrow.
    Hey, dit artikel is terug vrij, maar ik heb gezien dat je er aan meewerkte, mss iets voor jou.
    After you get the TM for thief, training for gyms is gonna be really easy. Farm audino's, steal the Rare Candy's and kill them for a lvl up. My party is around lvl 25 now, going to lvl 30.
    Sorry about this, something came up and I couldn't come online until just recently. If your still online, which server are you on?
    i have a lotad :P I want to use ludicolo. And yes, even my 31 IV Atk boosting nature lillipup couldn't kill. I'll train and kick his butt :P
    I don't know if you starter pure white already, but i got a tip for you. Catch poochena in route 2. The Bianca battle has a really bulky porygon who 2HKOs everything with psybeam. So poochena will help (havent tried it yet)
    Vulpix and Pupitar are findable in a post-game area. Poliwag isn't though. damn. I wanted to use a sun team. Are you going to post video's for the prizes or not? Anyway, I got to make up a findable team for the playthrough. so only pokemon that i can find before E4 (and spread across the routes).

    And which starter are you going to use? I'm thinking of Tepig again.
    Gonna play that too :P hopefully, they have the same encounter pokemon as voltwhite (then I know them :P)
    Okay, very nice ^^
    Don't forget to sign-in in the wcop thread.
    Once we have enough players I'll send a pm.
    Welcome to the team!
    vm/pm delko, and check out the tournaments section (wcop is sticky'd) Btw, youre aboveaverage at least, and were gonna need at least 8 players and 4 subs, so youre a natural choice
    hey, wanna join benelux with the wcop?
    that would be cool, we need some good players
    edit: pm delko if youre interested
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