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  • Yeah, funny thing is i didnt d/c. That would be pointless, as you can see i use UU and stuff for fun, so my score doesnt matter to me at all. Very close game btw very fun. Fuck, thats shit for u if u didnt get to record, im serious my fucking wifi cuts all the time, atleast it didnt happen when we were playing
    Nah it really wasn't your fault.

    I'm just not that good at battling. Since Latias got banned I've had to remake the whole team, and so far... it aint going well, lol,
    Great post on the Salamence thread @700. Thread shoulda been locked after that one. <3
    Hi, I found you point about Water-typed Pokémon interesting (on the Gen V thread), and posted an answer I'd like you to reply on if possible (it is shortly after your own post, on the same page). Thanks for you attention and contribution!
    Hey Chou,

    I doubt you remember me, but I was wondering, could you possibly check my thread for Goodbar's Kingdra. Thanks!
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