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  • Sure why not, :-)
    I have EV'd versions of Entei (just in case you wanted one - 255 ATT/ 255 SPE removed Crush Claw).
    I have the original and EV'd versions of Raikou (252 SPATT/ 252 SPE/ 6 HP removed Zap Cannon).
    Which ones do you want? lol,
    yeah i just cringed when my leadnite got a crit on your skarm.... nice winning streak though
    It's all good though. We both have the source video, and that's all we need really. Still working on comments.
    Something is up with one of your pokemon as the battle could not be GTS'd. I have uploaded a video with this team to the GTS before (17-11901-88237 as an example. I had to use this for a blacklist report). However, I do have the raw recorded video, which you can download at I'll begin work on the comments and then work on adding music (just a warning, our music tastes probably are very different as I'm more into metal/hard rock).
    Yeah, I can do that. I've got some stuff to take care of first today, but I'll get everything done as soon as I can.
    Okay, I'm in if you're in. However, I wouldn't know how to do the formatting from a wifi story... I'm fairly sure I can make good on the comments though.
    Ooh, while the prospect of a warstory is tempting (I've been wanting to do one for a long time), there are some pro's and con's to consider:

    Some prior knowledge of sets (I knew about the Anti-Lead Blastoise because I had seen your comments in the Creative Sets)
    Some creative sets (Stealth Rock ScarfTar, I was running ScarfMence but not max speed)
    Some good pivots (see scarftar)

    The match end was a speed tie (of course, assuming Flygon was max speed)
    Uxie sort of lucked out against Blastoise when I was trying to PP stall Hydro Pump

    I dunno man, your call.
    Agreed. Goddamn that tar though. I didn't expect it to be packing what it had after seeing some of your moves, and the match wouldn't have been as scary at the end. You planning on YT'ing this? I might do it myself.
    It is nice for it to be easier, it makes me a bit sad that all the hours spent on Pre-RNG was more or less useless. And I can't bear to take my Pre-RNG stuff off my new thread even though I know they won't get any trades because of the couple points from flawless :P

    Anyways, enjoy the Jirachi!
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