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  • kk I added you. At some point, I could probably use the shiny timid suicune, and maybe hp ice zapdos. I'll have to check my zapdos stocks (so lazy . . . lol)
    I would prefer the Standard Rotom set as well as Sub + Roar Heatran but everything else looks fine
    You heard correct, but it isn't the one that Fear the Pika posted, and I don't have rights to it. I only want F.t.P's so I can have it as a WishChansey in UU. Plus, if I get F.t.P's, that will give me one's that are Calm, and Bold.
    Sorry, I haven't started on CMTs yet, quite frankly I've had too many and can't keep track of them all. Also, I haven't decided how to distribute it yet, and if the wifi mods let me, I'm going to make a thread that has the poll with the thread immediately being locked or something.
    these smogon sets:(1/4 credit for each+you keep copy)
    Wishful Stalling
    Dual Screen

    Just search Clefable on the smogon dex. Also, keep all the egg moves, except maybe charm if you have to get rid of it. I'll teach it the tm's and tutors it needs for those sets.
    no freaking idea, i ran that set back on the mid 2009 so i dont remember the standard back there.
    ya sure. but the thing is, i want to keep all of its moves so your only attack will be seismic toss.
    Lol ok but honestly the role play set is great especially on e-vire you outspeed use role play and steal motor drive then get a speed boost off it's t-punch or you can use it on a swift swim poke :) which I've done also on blissey to take it's natural cure switch out and you are healed
    Take out muddy water on those last two sets and you have your options
    hp elec/hp ground
    ice beam
    surf/hydro pump


    Item:salac berry
    hydro pump
    ice beam
    item: salac or petaya berry

    hp grass
    muddy water/surf/hydro pump
    ice beam

    Role play
    muddy water/hydro pump/surf
    ice beam
    hp elec/recover/hp ground
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