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  • you have three bullets. you must shoot yourself twice in either the shoulder/knee/chest/neck to shoot one person of your choice.

    where and who do you shoot

    decide wisely, it could be the last decision you make
    a crush? on me?

    Cookie you realize that this is a forbidden love, right?. My religion and mother would not permit it. Are you ready to fight this uphill battle?
    why is it that whenever i see your name in my last 10 visitors list i get this bad feeling? as if i've done something wrong..or something.

    Come on, cookie, let me have it. its ok, speak your mind. i promise i wont hate you afterwards and we can still go out for fish and chips
    my picture depicting your life

    in 10 yrs i doubt it will be different only your hair will be longer
    shit fuck I knew that thread had been done before

    I even totally remembered my post in it but I searched firebot and couldn't find it so I assumed I was imagining things
    cookie were you serious? please dont break my heart and say no. say you loved that little penguin
    sure, i think i only have a semi-healthy collection of #drachma logs, but that sounds like fun, and i do enjoy a good log sift!

    *toast* :toast: :toast:
    but it honestly was also sort of nice; i felt like i got some kind of closure; i've felt kinda "welllllllllllll" about the website since dabbling with coming back, and it is nice to quantitatively see that "the site has changed, we had some good times, it's alright to just leave that where it is"
    looking through these things and then reading a thread like "what makes smogon fun for you?" felt very deflating for me, actually, just on account of how things have changed
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