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  • looking through these things and then reading a thread like "what makes smogon fun for you?" felt very deflating for me, actually, just on account of how things have changed
    i also went through my past threads and though a lot were cringe or w/e honestly lots made me laugh

    i can deal with being hit and miss if i can enjoy my own hits much later on
    it's really old - like, 2011. Frankly i'm not even sure it was the topic of the thread, but i know it devolved into that - and I distinctly remember people saying "psychic hits poison SE not because logic, but because GF wants to make Psychic more broke." Sorry, I can't actually find the thread.
    i "liked" your thread, but only for the op because the subsequent posts are terrible
    OK. The page was put there because of the problem bulbapedia was having and was looked because it looked like it was fixed, but the problem is still not fixed and my guess is that I am not the first or last to try to post on the now locked post but found out they can't. So if you can get the one who looked it to open it back up that would be good but otherwise I guess there is nothing I can do about it then.
    Bulapedia is still giving a warning if you go to the site, please unlock the "Bulapedia" page so people can talk about that again.
    i didn't feel like shitting in the actual thread, but i just wanted to express my happiness that someone else has seen and appreciates don't be a menace

    i'll suck ya dick
    what? oh come on cookie. i was really starting to fall in love with that dog avatar of yours
    I only posted a gif like everyone else cookie, I wasn't promoting 4chan, I just found it relevant and not overtly offensive and posted it. Hope we can avoid this misunderstanding in the future...
    i wanted to but mingot ended it )x it felt like firebot all over again and that gif is just...firebot in an img...
    thanks for banning that guy, he was really shittin it up
    It's a shame that you don't see the humor in a situation like this,

    and like I said before, are completely incapable of reciprocation;

    what am I supposed to do on this website anyway?

    Watch advertisements at the top and get bored off my ass?

    If anything, this whole encounter has only incentivized me to troll more,

    since I have no practical incentive to desire my position on this board at all.
    And, "stop" like I've been persistantly attempting to flood the forums. It's just rude.
    Just so you know, I take offense to phrases like, "lurk more",

    so where's your infractions, since it's only fair that it goes both ways.
    Civil doesn't mean it's improving the discussion, WaterBomb is as bad or worse than anyone else in that thread, he's just using coherent sentences.

    You should have just let me rile the the thread into a lock, it isn't going anywhere.
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