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  • Hey, do you mind disconnecting and reconnecting? B/W's wifi is not that great, I tried it and it didn't fix so maybe if you did it would. That usually fixes the problem.
    Hey do you need help with breeding DW Pokemon? It's really easy, just the fact that you can't use Ditto when doing DW abilities. Tell me if you want my help :)
    Hah. I won't be signing up until after school >.<. Im just hoping theres a spot left(there probably will be though)
    Well the tourney won't be available til probably california hits midnight, which by then will be 3(est) in the morning, but I guarantee there will still be spots, so after school is the best time to sign up, or as soon as you wake up.
    I'm sort of eating right now in front of my PC and can't really move it, bu when I get done I'll be ready. Less than 15 minutes I'd think.
    It was stupid of me to think that Thundurus would ever freakin show up Timid, so I settled for a Bold one (Apparently some people use it). Tell me if you want to trade sometime today.
    As I had to explain to soul survivor, unfortunately I got myself into a sort of mess; I saved inside the Route 7 house after doing a Rebattle code for Thundurus (I'm trying to get an HP Flying one). I'm trying to get a Timid one as fast as I can, but all likelihood states I won't be able to trade until tomorrow sometime. Sorry about this.
    Hey i got your UT version of your cotonee cloned. EV'd version will come later. Are you available for the brave conkeldurr for celebi?
    Sounds good. I'll need to see EV set, along w/ Hidden Power type and the moves you want done. Let me know, and I can probably get them done tonight. :)
    Sorry, I've been away for a while. Could you do the trade sometime tomorrow afternoon?
    I can EV train for you - I can usually EV a team in under 2 hours.

    Quick Question: Can you update the genders on your pokemon? I trade for females whenever possible (functionally better, and all that...).

    VM me if you're interested. :)
    I actually don't have many TMs on the version I keep my Pokemon on. I can trade it to another version that has every TM, teach it those moves, then send it back to White2, if you want to wait a minute. Is that alright, or do you want to just teach it those moves yourself?
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