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  • Hey! We're paired for R5 of the VGC Tour. I'm EST (GMT-5) and free evenings after 6pm my time and weekends. Let me know your availability and we'll figure out a time to battle!
    heya, we're paired for round 2 of the vgc tour. i'm western australian (gmt +8) and i have a mostly free week from now so comment your timezone and availability and we can work something out :)
    hey. i suffered a personal tragedy today that i need a lot of time to come to terms with - i really don't have the willpower right now to try and work my way through a fucking online pokemon tournament so i'm giving you the win and dropping. best of luck with the rest
    i'm sorry to hear that and wish you a lot of power, to overcome this tragedy!
    thanks, i appreciate it :)
    Hey, we're playing for the VGC tournament. I live in Brazil, GMT -2. I can play on any day from the 2nd to the 9th at the following time frames (GMT -2): 10 am - 2 pm, 4 pm - 9 pm and 11 pm - 1 am. I hope that you can make any of these, but if it isn't possible let me know and I'll try to adapt.
    Hi, seems we're fighting for doubles seasonals. Not sure where you live but I'm gmt -7. I have a lot of free time thursday which id prefer, but I should be able to play this weekend pretty comfortably as well
    hi dubs seasonals r2 i'm your opp. PST/GMT -8. i'll be 100% free on friday/sat/sun. usually available at fri from like 3 PM my time - like whenever i pass out(1/2 AM). sat pretty much all times(more definite 12 PM on); sun from 9 AM - 9 PST.
    We have to fight for dpp cup. I'll be completely free after Thursday.
    I'm GMT +5, and usually on, well pretty much the whole day till 1am usually. I'm more active on PO though so it'd be better if you told me a place to look for you so I can find you :x
    ADV Cup. I'm EST, we've got to fight. I'm more available in the evening my time but I can try to find time if necessary. When are you available?

    I'm also available 12:30-3:00PM Tuesday and Thursday, which is your 6:30-9:00PM.
    we need to play for dpp cup brother im gmt+0 so give me some times you'll be available and ill see if i can make them.
    Hey man we need to play for broken memories, I'm gmt tell me you're timezone and we can set up a time :)
    hello, we battle for the UU Open Round 1. Let me know when you would like to play. I'm GMT-5 and am pretty flexible.
    hi, im your tutor for round 84! you can find me on irc a lot, i'm usually in #doubles or #pokemon
    Do you think you're going to make it before the dead-line? I guess you're still on vacation...
    Hi, we're opponents in the LC Open. In what timezone do you live? I live in GMT +2. Pls lemme know so we can arrange a time to battle.

    I can play tonight if you are going to be on. If that doesn't work tomorrow from around 1pm-3am would work. Sunday my grandparents are visiting so that won't work and then I can play Monday the same times as Sunday. Pick a time in that range and lets get this done.
    Id rather not play today or tomorrow necause I need to be preparinflg for Bloo. I could probably play thursday in that timerange.
    I see... what about today at 11:00 AM or tomorrow 11:00 AM (GMT -5 aka Smogon Forums time)?
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