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  • okaaaaaa, creo que no me ha llegado nada por el momento mejro dame tu tu msn y te agrego yo...
    tenemos foro igual, es pequeño porque tiene poco tiempo pero igual pa que te registreshttp://teamchile.forochile.org/

    Wenaaaa, te hablo porque yo tambien soy Chileno xd y queria invitarte a un Team Chileno que estamos organizando hace un tiempo. El objetivo del Team es incrementar el nivel Chileno y juntar a la comunidad que esta bastante dispersa. Bueno ojala que te quieras unir a la causa y bueno... cualquier cosa avisame por pm, o por msn: konfet_95@hotmail.com

    I saw your VM and I am able to trade my DW Pichu if that is what you are after. I'll check out what you have a little later and respond then. Right now I am still getting settled after some real world issues, but I didn't want you to think I was ignoring your post. Thank you for your patience.
    Hey Darkmaster I just wanted to say that Im sorry.....you were right about my wifi..somehow the internet doesn't let me connect..so can we trade the pokes I requested?
    Ok I asked nicely and this is how you repay me?
    My connection NEVER fails it always works...if it didn't work I would'nt be creating a trade thread understand? I have been ready to trade but you had kept me waiting for 2 HOURS!!. So don't call my connection a failure cuz you are the one thats failing.I only trade people whos ready. Mk?

    Now do me a favor and don't be mean as ill do the same with you.
    Ok dude hopefully we will trade today I do NOT want to waste another 2 hours of my life.
    ola darmaster tengo una pregunta espero me puedas ayudar tu as capturado giratina en distortion world, esque no se en donde tengo que guardar antes de capturarlo, y si puedo capturar giratina dos vecez en pokemon platinum o soo aparece una vez?
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