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  • Sorry Detriot, but I might be not be able to compete in your UU tournament due to stuffs coming up. May I please, as a fellow scrambler, reserve a spot... a sub that is.
    Fridays fine, i'm in England so best time i think would be early afternoon your end/ late evening my end. We'll sort out the details in a bit. GL with your exams and the tournament!
    this wouldnt happen iirc because the game would prevent you from releasing the mon
    if its regarding surf, then tough luck :P I guess you can old rod a magikarp and train it up into gyara but yea

    besides the race is pretty much over =/
    Yeah sorry for that, my house is a true chaos atm but the reforms should be done soon. We shouldn't have problems getting it done.
    This week really sucks for me, I'm online on Smogon but I'll almost always be on a shoddy-less comp. The only time I have to battle you aren't on, so we might have to wait a bit.
    Hey, would you read my post on the Scramble Challenge? It concerns you. Although I see you're already viewing the thread. . .
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