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  • Have you ever given thought to being a tutor? IMO, you'd make a great one... team building + expert playing :)
    I wish I could build teams as fast as you D:
    I've taken too much time off from OU/Dream World because of studies/VGC, so I'm thinking about learning a new metagame when I get back. How does Little Cup sound? hehe
    Hey I've gotta thank you for two things: one, your RMTs help me find my team's weaknesses and understand how the most threatening players think, and two, that PhD in Pokemon Studies RMT reminded me of who I was: Just like you, I love offensive and predicting, which I actually am good at doing, but as I started failing with my teams and stuff I slowly turned to slower paced and less prediction-dependant teams. Now reading your stuff helped me a lot, so again, thanks!
    jeez it snuck up on me ._. I'm so scared and I need to start EV training

    So, I was wondering whether you were building a new team...
    Heh, was worth a shot anyway! Thanks for letting me know if you do push it higher :).

    Me and Zdrup have pretty much done the abusers and supporters for Sun sections (we feel), but feel free to have a look (link's in my sig) and tell me if we've missed anything obvious! I'm also planning to do a team building section with some advice on how major threats can be covered and synergy stuff, so if you feel like you'd be able/want to help out with that then we could have a chat on IRC about it or something? Thanks for the offer either way.

    And haha aye, will PM Katakiri :P.
    Hey Dezza, I saw you mention in an RMT rate that you've been running a Sun team lately, and I was wondering how it was doing? My reasoning is that Zdrup and I are writing the Sun article and want to include an example team which has peaked very high on the ladder, but neither me nor him has been able to achieve this. Considering how so many of your teams in standard seem to have done immensely well it seemed prudent to at least ask if your Sun team had done similarly, and if so, you'd be willing to contribute it. I would use the 3rd peaked RMT but it's in DW, and ideally we want an OU one.
    Hey in your rate my teams i notice you have drop down boxes accessible by clicking on a tab i was wondering how to do this and also where you obtained your sprites from Thanks :)
    yeah, I'm having trouble taking on both school and piano and pokemon at the same time too

    Snatch is a move that basically steals the opponents stat upping move, such as Amnesia, Swords Dance, Roost, Substitute etc.
    It's very useful if you're Chuck Norris (or God) and have perfect prediction skills. I tried it out in BW OU, but I never could predict right.
    it involves using a non-trick room snatch reuniclus. am i crazy or something?

    oh, btw, congrats on another #1 on the ladder. you should go for the big smogon tournaments
    :( aww poo that sucks

    I was going to ask you if my new idea could be viable, but apparently..
    Thanks for the rate :)
    I'll test out some changes.

    I also created a variation of this team that was inspired by your Rain Dance team for the Dream World Tier (by accident), and it's been doing really well. I'm sitting at #85 with 1157 (and rising), which is the best I've ever done :P.

    Hail team... how does Eviolite Snover sound? Damage calcs are telling me that it's slightly bulkier than Abomasnow, but...
    Any other advice for stall teams? I'm working on my very first sandstorm stall team :)
    I just realised, is pHD in pokemon studies the team that you used when you and me kept going back and forth between number one?
    Looking through your RMT's, it looks like you're very good at teambuilding. Do you have any tips to share with a floundering teambuilder?
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