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  • Not a problem, just VM me what you have in mind, and I'll get to it (Btw, you want Counter on it as well? @_@)
    Is that a no? :( I really want your Dusclops lol. I've updated too! ^_^
    Okay, okay XD How about the Magnemite? It's family is my favorite. Oh, but the listing is a little off. You have it's ability listed as Static, and the Sp.Def IV grayed out :O
    Sure can do, my wifi battle tower is still at rank 5 so I can just make it drop 1 then hopefully raise it again :)
    Hey there I'm suppose to get the Dusknoir from you to EV train for Muffin. VM me when you can trade please.
    I know what you mean
    I'm exhausted, taking a break from studying
    replying to the pending trades lol
    I'm actually going to breed an adamant grimer sometime in the future lol
    oh and there's an npc in that route? last time I checked the npcs wouldn't move o.O
    oooh and battles advance the frame by how much?
    I'd definitely try if I didn't have so many things to do haha
    and i'll most likely be using an emulator, no AR :/
    well ttyl! :)
    hi, i really need that dusknoir but i'll be gone over the weekend >.<
    if its not too much to ask, could you trade with Jiovaine11?
    he's my EVer and all :3
    greatly appreciated if you can! :D
    Sorry, but I dont have any good shiny spreads because I started my game before I began RNG abuse :(
    oh creo que me equiboque en el last vm( i mean duskull not my grimer and is muk sticky hold 27/27/6/31/31/10) :s creo ke ese no lo resetee y la vdd eso de pasar todo el game para 1 poke como que no... pero si lo hago lo hare en el wii para hacerle back up
    I felt it was time for a change. Also, I sing a lot of Disney songs during the walking-by-myself stretches of my commute :D

    Nah, it's okay. You'll RNG the Heracross eventually, right? I'm in no rush to get it and, since you're a cool dude, I highly doubt you'll stiff me ;)
    Sure thing! I can trade you your pokemon tomorrow. I'm always free to trade it to you. Just shoot me a VM whenever you are online and ready and I can give you the Chimecho.
    Oh, thank you! I battled someone a long time ago, when I was even more noobish than I am now, who used him in Trick Room team and it was very good.

    Yeah, haha. I started RNGing on SS a couple months ago. How are your RNGs going? Or are you focusing more on XD?
    hey what's up
    I've dropped all my projects in pkradar abuse btw
    I want something else :) something in 3rd gen....
    oh and it's fine it doesn't really matter to me lol
    you have a lot of good stuff in your thread :)
    but um I guess I'd like that togepi of yours,
    since it is the only pkmn I would abuse from the radar :P
    aaaand it took as much work as my scyther I suppose xD
    i'll clone my scyther during the weekend if I can,
    I still have lots of things to get done :/ ttyl

    EDIT: lololol your avatar :O
    Heya DogBunny. Your Chimecho is ready for pick up. Sorry it took so long. I definitely got distracted by alot of things the past few days =O. VMme when you are online to pick her up okay? =]
    oh eso ya me lo dijeron :p,pero tengo el primero que salio :D
    no i dont play anymore Gale of Darkness =/,si me dices los ivs exactos del grimer creo que ese tambien :D
    im attempting right now ;_;
    its hard lol
    i already have an adamant 31/31/31/11/30/31 shroomish in a safari ball, but if jolly is preferred then i can do that :D
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