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  • Never heard of it, let's hope...
    A) It actually exists
    B) There'll be special moves similar to XD's
    C) There will be a way to RNG Abuse on it (Let's hope we can get people to work on it)
    D) It has more of the Stadium mode similar to Colo, XD was more in-game.

    Too bad I don't have a Wii.
    And thank you! If there is anything else you need from me, please let me know. I like so many things in your thread!
    Not that I really know of, since Colo doesn't offer special moves unlike XD. You could do it for the ribbons or fancy balls on 3rd gen tutor moves (Metagross, Ttar), but other than that, there isn't a whole lot :/
    Sorry that I took so long. My DS didn't want to connect to the wifi at first and then when I finally connected, my game froze. :(
    Lmao, reminds me of my old dog. xD
    Anxious. @_@

    Oh I see! That's so kind of you guys to keep her. :>
    How many puppies did she have? xD
    Were they cutee? :D

    D'aww! I miss having guinea pigs now. xD
    Yeah they do scare very easily. The slightest noise and they're whimpering. IT'S SO CUTE. <33
    I can teach you about Great Marsh RNGing :D
    and yeah, once i beat soulsilver i can do CPs, im just slow because of legendary dog events, school, and other crazy stuff like Honey Tree abuse lol.
    I would like the EVs wiped please :D :D
    I can't trade now, but *hopefully* tomorrow at around 6pm (GMT -5). click the #smogonwifi link in my signature and ping me if i'm there.

    night :3
    Lul, I see. xD
    Lmao, really? Maybe it was switched at birth or raised by a bloodhound. xD

    Ohh! I used to have hamsters and dogs too! xD
    What kind of doggies you have? :o

    Aww, yay! They do! I loved mine. xD
    D'aww, it's so cutee. xD

    I've never had a bunny. :c
    I had two guinea pigs once though. ONE WAS A GINGER TOO.
    I guess she didn't have a soul. D:
    Haha, they were fine except the nonshiny one refused to become milotic after 8 haircuts :S he took 12 haircuts for some reason..
    Ah, I searched everywhere and could only find Adamant, Lax, Timid, Jolly, and Calm :/, sorry.
    EV'd version would be nice :) Still scouring my boxes, I thought I had one around here..
    You have to spend 1000 pokecoupons relearning it at mt battle. (after deleting one of it's other moves, of course).

    It's not much atm, but check out the rightmost link in my sig; it's got a few resetting numbers I've collected that you might find helpful :)
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