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  • i am beginning to think that you did receive the twinkies. and then you devoured them because you are a rotund individual. and now you want more twinkies so you claim you never got them to begin with.

    i sometimes forget how crafty you portuguese are; you cannot trust a man who cleans pools at 3 am, after all.
    hey doomers. remember me? my name is batthew and i would like to buy your donkey.
    hope you didn't get a new donkey this year. i am mailing one to you via express mail for your birthday. it's the same guy who said he'd deliver you the twinkies. he gave me a great deal.
    you must share with me the secret to donkey immortality, because the way you work alberto, he should be dead ten times over.
    doomsday man, i saw your post in the what to do aside from video games thread and i was like, "well, i like to talk to doomsday but that nigga been avoidin me." so i'm gonna talk to you right now.

    DOOMSDAY MAN. i got some twinkies; shall i send them to oporto for you to collect?
    No doomsday you don't understand; you're clearly a (BAN ME PLEASE) with no life.
    only six??? how could you not enjoy that post, it was incredible - whining, but in the form of a gigantic 10th grade english class essay...the second most I enjoyed something "today" (after midnight but whatever)
    "also i do not want to jump on the bandwagon but what does it say about YOUR life when you spend 15~ min writing a rant you know 6 people will enjoy and the rest of the community (sorry; empire) will scorn?"

    My life? It definitely says less than posting over 6000 times in a pokemon forum and staying on it for 6 years since the age of 14. Man, some people really have nothing to do eh?
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