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  • Alright lets start with your Pearl then, I'm using HG so I'm going just catch 6 useless pokes real quick and we can begin.

    Also my FC is: 0088 8061 3635
    if you still need those 25 4th gen pokes IV checked shoot me a VM and I'll gladly do it for you.
    I was trying to find the 56 bus but I didn't know there was a different street to get it from :L I was visiting my friend from Ynysddu :)
    Aha apparently I look intimidating :P I was in your hometown(I think?) this weekend gone, got a bit lost :L
    Ahaha I'm actually looking for kitchen/restaurant jobs, but people get freaked out cause I got stretched ears which I can't do anything about cause they're too big :L People judge on appearance, which shouldn't matter if the ability is there ¬_¬
    Ahh I've just left college for good :P Hunting for a job right now, but it ain't easy cause most places are turned off by the amount of piercings I have / had hehe :O and get out there, life is fun ^^
    Yeah it's been a long time, I've pretty much abandoned this place...I've got myself a life, new friends, boyfriend, things to do, people to see :P How you been? ^^
    When I tried shrinking the Vanilluxe-Lickilicky picture to fit into the Smogon avatar standard, the picture becomes so small it loses much of the detail and fun. Sorry! D:
    i'm not sure one of them will get it you know - i quite fancy notts forest for second automatic slot. whatever happens i don't really mind though (though id much prefer it if the swans didnt nosedive out of the playoffs - a bad habit of theirs around this point in the season) - either they both stay in the cola, the swans get promoted, or cardiff get promoted, i get to watch chopra score 2 goals over the entire season and then they go bankrupt when they get relegated from the prem.
    all good things.
    legolaaaaaaaaand! sadly now I'm in manc I don't get the chance to go down and see them - if there's a nearbyish away game though I think I'll go, or when I get paid from new job I might go down to see them too, especially if they make/I'm lucky enough to get a ticket for the play-offs.
    god, imagine it: swansea/cardiff play-off final COULD THAT HAPPEN
    ahh you're a clart :d
    i'm not primarily a liverpool supporter by any means! I do quite like them - I felt sorry for them and hodgson when it was all going horribly wrong and I fell in love with Dalglish when he ripped on the sky news reporter after the whole sexism debacle, but as far as actual support goes i'm Swansea all the way (despite being from bristol, but yunno).
    Sorry, I do not know the meaning of the word, 'realize' or 'trolling' unless you pronounce the latter- 'tr-ol-ing' not 'tr-ole-ing'.
    Perhaps one day people will realise that my signature is a joke, and I don't really mean what I say in most of my posts.
    Kingdra Kingdom? LOL - yayz :P

    Anyways, just read it and thought if you'd be interested in the Horsea in my thread? Naughty and flawless as possible with HP electric 70?
    you dont know the whole storry first I had to wait for moths then he disdnt show up a few times and more hapned oon msn so you dont know everything also that wifi problem I discovered it today and for the neightburs it is possible lightning stroke since we had a lot of it the last days and finaly the dont know a lot about computers I think they turned al the energie of in their house if thats not the case I am serieusley fucked
    I caught the timid Seadra in a heal ball (it's shiny)

    Our deal will be

    Adamant shiny/premier ball solid rock rhyhorn 31/31/31/x/31/31 + impish shiny/premier ball swift swim seadra 31/31/30/x/31/31 + timid shiny/heal ball swift swim seadra 31/31/31/31/31/31 for lonely super luck absol, brave haryama and modest/trace porygon2, I'll keep the remaining 2 credits for now.

    You'll have redis rights only on Rhydon.
    So if everything is ok leave a VM when you can trade :)
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