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  • a few times you where on and you held the trades of because you had do do homework even though trading takes only a few minutes but doesnt matter anymore its solved so I just want to start anew if you want that too great if you dont too bad but I can understand that and in that case I wil leave you alone
    wle I had to wait very long to redeem my credits you always had an ecuse and when I finaly i redeem them I made my mistake because I realy forgot that I would clone them for you which was verry stupid of me

    also you forgot I tried it much more but a lot of our talk did happen by pm since i deleted a lot of those 2 or 3 weeks ago

    and about the grammer english is not my mother language so sorry if the grammer is a bit off but I can do nothing about it

    and the reason i care so much is that my entire life I got used by people people who fucked me from al sides (figurtifley speaking) also it was an big mistake from my side but that problem with you is also the only real mistake I ever made here
    grammer has nothing to do with thise case also I offered to refund you for the long waiting wich wasnt nececary also I wasnt away for months but just checking less often the first weeks I checked everyday if I could find you but you where nowhere to be found after that I was gone a while but thats in the past lets forget al those crap and start anew you made some mistakes I made some realy big ones so lets forget those ok?
    I never tried to blacklist you I put you on my personal blacklist and I already apoligzed for that and yes givving your pokemon back took very long but its not entireley my fault I offered it multiple times and you had homework thats fine ofcourse but stil its not entirely my fault that it took so long

    also I dont have pleasure in blacklisting people but I hate people who lie against me or mods when im involved
    i know. xD
    i actully get alot of warnings for mini-modding on diffrent sites, but ok, i will. :|
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