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  • Sorry I missed you VM 1 1/2 hours ago, I'll return them to you when we are both online (obviously the EV training is free, since it took so long for me to return them).
    Message me when you want your pokemon back (if I am not online please give a time when we can trade).
    I'll see if this 1 other person will be able to do it. If not I can wait for you ok?
    Yeah of course I can help you trade it to SS. I just added your SS FC
    no, I meant to exchange the credits I earned for EV training the Bagon&Beldum and the two Weaviles.
    If you're satisfied, could I get Jolly EV'd Salamence and the Jolly UT Gligar?
    any chance you are available to trade right now? I still have your sneasels.
    so we'll trade tomorrow then?
    ps: i hope the RNG breed is the machamp that is says you're working on in your thread :P
    drasil, I'm finished with the weavile. I've got to head back to school for an exam tonight, so if you're not available to trade sometime in the next ~6 hours then I hope its okay if we trade back tomorrow instead.
    i would love if you answer me because if its a negative answer i take you out of pendings and start hunting another gligar/gliscor
    its fully redis also i didnt get it for free and the trade thread o got it wasnt noted as free so i discovered now that it should be given for free can you please still trade the gligar for the entei please i realy need it
    Yeah I have no AR and no idea how to GTS clone. Besides, I would never think to try and cheat someone like that. Heck, I'll probably be redeeming my credits for the shiny metagross and weavile anyway aha.

    And yeah, I wasn't sure about where you wanted the extra 2 evs, but now I know I'll make sure to do that. I'm on wifi.
    i'm just about finished trading with psycho86, so I'll accept your trade as soon as this last poke transfers. Also: just to confirm - you want both weaviles with the same spread, correct?
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