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  • Hey, great matches on the chat. I decided to join Smogon because of them. If you're ever looking to VGC battle I'm available any time. :?

    The wife says I gotta go to bed now... *I feel like such a kid! XD* It is late and we both have to get up early for church tomorrow and get some music ready, so I guess she's right.

    Sorry. We can do it tomorrow if that's cool though. :?
    I'd really like to see your 09 team! hey! i know! I'll use my 09 worlds team too! XD
    Sure! Let me trade with GTG really quick though, and I'll see you back on! :D
    Okay good, because I created that team before Nationals for him to use, try to keep accusations like that to yourself, not only were you wrong, but you are degrading my team creation skills and my teammates as well. Thanks.
    "Not necessarily - while it would hurt (in a single match vacuum), in a large-scale tournament, you have to prepare for other teams, and not just counter one. I signed up for a tag-team WiFi tournament as a VGC player and had to face batpig's brother - he completely demolished my '09 team, no doubt because he knew what my leads were. If that were the VGC, he couldn't do that (in theory), because countering a Follow Me/Dark Void combo means you won't necessarily be able to handle a different team (like Trick Room)"

    Are you saying batpig's brother scouted your team and made a team especially for you?
    Oh, 1 last thing, what I do to get around the team switching thing is clone like crazy!!! I've got pretty much 1 of each of my pokes with various useful items and I've got them saved to multiple "Custom Passes" so I can switch almost on the fly between battles.
    I don't know. 20/0 is a pretty good start for PBR wifi. 99% are noobs, but it's that 1 percent floating around out there that'll really give your team a good testing. :) Since you bought it, I'm sure we'll run into each other again on random, but I've also got you in and since I can't be stuck with a shiny egg on PBR, feel free to hit me up anytime for some testing. I've also got that speedy hail team and will have a RD team ready by this weekend. Night man. :)
    I still need to put Thunder on it, but I haven't gotten around to it. It's scarfed, but it still has stupid Detect wasting a moveslot! Your team is absolutely great, but my scarfed Zapdos regularly pwns "that exact type" of team on PBR, though theirs don't seem to have as good IVs as yours. Good job on the 2nd game. It was a level playing field, no contest. :)
    Great Game man! That 1st one was soooooooo haxy! I'll have to go back to watch the video, but I think I got like 4 crits, and like 2 or even 3 were in a row! HA! XD Funny thing is, that idiotic kind of stuff happens regularly at the VGCs!
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