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  • Yeah okay I need to upgrade, the server I'm on it outdated. Gimme a few min to upgrade
    wtf the only F name I see is Fran Kito? Is this because my version of PO is outdated?
    I'm on the PO Beta server, the first one that shows up on the list of servers. What name should I look for?
    Hey, when I saw that you were offline I left, too. I can do Sunday night, but please have it be on the PO server.
    K fine by me, those shirts are expensive like $25 a shirt, can't remember what shirt you wore to Philly, only remember your hat.
    Okay good Luck I'm goona close the two threads remember it is standard VGC'12 top cut, and these are the only Pokemon banned:

    o Mew
    o Smeargle
    o Ho-Oh
    o Lugia
    o Rayquaza
    o Deoxys (All)
    o Giratina
    o Darkrai
    o Shaymin (Sky)
    o Arceus
    o Reshiram
    o Zekrom
    o Meloetta
    o Genesect

    Every Pokemon not on the list is free to use!
    I can't get on. Hopefully you see this and we can go on the PO server instead, I can connect to that. I'll only be online for the next 20 minutes, after that I gotta go to dinner. Hopefully you see this in time.
    It keeps disconnecting me as soon as I get on, and I'm using advanced connection because it normally does not show up on the list of servers.

    Is the number wrong or is it because PO is outdated? Because my internet is fine.

    EDIT: Dude check your VMs, I want you to know there's a problem and I don't know how to fix it. How did you get on the server?
    Yo check the social group thread. I want to know what server you will be on and what name you will use.
    Hello, I'm Clacla, Super Moderator at The Pokemon District, a new Pokemon forum. We are looking for active members, so please join, you'd like it there We have a wide variety to offer (list what we offer and mention the Pokeventures system in works.) then state that we are a very friendly and welcoming community. . To join, follow the link in my sig, or this image.
    Man, I'm sorry I wasn't able to battle. You still up for it? I wil be ready in about 30-45 minutes after dinner. Just VM me with a time :)
    Ohh didnt see you VM me, add my fc from "about me" gimme a second to clone it and ill see you on in a bit.
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