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  • herm good question.... taking a bit of a break from pokes cuz of 3D Land, if anything.
    hmm am gonna go for an adamant DW dragonite soon, i doubt i can max 5 iv's on my own time
    Aah I see haha. Though I guess later on in the season things might change, but If you want something you can let me know. I have access to almost every breedable pokemon thanks to friends on this site.
    Sounds cool soul that would be great, but to be honest i don't even have wifi! I just test out teams over random matchup at a friends house once in a while, and that's it. I'll have some wifi soon enough....
    I have a rng'd jolly terrakion if you need 1 with flawless iv's or a bulky adamant scarf variant, and I have a trade thread in my sig, which is still being updated since I've been busy with vgc. If you see something you like you can have it.
    thanks man ill get my warstory up eventually I liked your team i hadn't considered glaceons very notable pokemon but the one error I saw was that your protecting got REALLY predictable, and was not always necessary. I have the battle saved otherwise i couldn't be bothered to remember any specifics
    hey, it'll go up soon :D
    and yeah, you're right about the crit, it didn't matter at all. my fault though, i played the game pretty bad and you really deserved to win.
    Oh so cybertron is Aaron... thought so when i saw the second place '12 rhode island regionals. Damn he already had a name for himself winning seniors at nats last year! My name has yet to be mentioned on any gaming site.... Ooh byes sound pretty nice. I supposedly hadnt won our match had it not been for a single critical hit but i plugged in the numbers later and it was next to unimportant.... i gotta switch out one of my pokes and maybe get a better iv's terrakion
    Byes are free wins. So you begin Nats 2-0 automatically. This helps with tie-breakers too, as they count as opponents with 100% win rate. Well you won vs cybertron who's like the best senior I know(well he IS the best senior out there), so thats a plus right off the bat. Gl with nats^_^. I'm working with my friends to create the next top tier team for nats haha.
    thanks man what exactly are the byes though? Nice job on 5-1 i bet masters are a good deal better then seniors
    Hey I was the kid rooting for ya alongside my asian friend, and kid you beat rd1 haha. I ended 5-1 at 6th place in masters, and congratz on getting the byes at nats and free trip.
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