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  • It would help if you could keep the front post updated by crossing off names as we post them, I think. :)
    So since we're distributing quite a few more Pokemon than we originally anticipated, have you decided how we should regulate it and keep track of who has received their copy already?
    Just had a quick question about our trade.

    Are Vaporeon or Magnezone nicknamed? If they are, and if possible, I'd like for them to be renamed to their original names when you trade them over (VAPOREON and MAGNEZONE).

    I'll try to be able to trade with you when you have time. Thanks!
    Yep! Just FYI, I have one other quick trade that I might try to make while you're off switching Pokes or something.
    Hm. How about you send me one at a time? That way I can trade you back almost full parties and don't have to spend as much time getting things in and out of the PC.
    I could trade now, if that's good? Of course, I'll need a nap before I actually start distributing. ;)

    Do you need clones of all 5 back?
    no problem ;) i may have other junk pokes you need for rng in the future for free ofcourse !
    ill try to see if i can find a male staravia on the spring path. they have bravebird already on them
    ok choose one shaymin off my list please :)
    (not the jolly one because it was caught in the same game as the shaymin i gave you)
    i dont think so :/ it was caught in my pearl.
    do you want me to give you one of my other shaymins so you can get gracidea?(full free of charge)
    ok btw do you mind if we make rayquaza only redis by me and you? (i mean you have it listed as semi redis on your thread and i dont really like a project done for me being distributed to everybody in the community:S)
    just to clear the things
    you have rights on shaymin i have rights on rayquaza ok?:)
    ok i have to do another shaymin for jubilee first and then i will do yours. i dont know if i can do it today tho because i have to study about a test tomorrow. But it will be ready tomorrow for sure ;)
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