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  • Haha I look forward to awesome matches. I need to be better at UU... -_- but I'll finish up my testing tonight and will be ready to play starting tomorrow. If there's a best time to find you during the week, just tell me.
    Alright! Since we have a little bit of time and I'm active too, I'd like to take a bit and finish testing (BW2 is a fairly new UU metagame after all, and I'm still not super confident in everything I've got), but it's good to hear you're active so when I'm done (soon, if I take too long just VM me to check in) I'll be able to find you. Sometime during the upcoming week is best.
    Hey there. My family is going on an adventure this weekend but after this weekend I'm free pretty much always. I'm gmt-4, and can play most times as long as we schedule it in advance.
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