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  • I was wondering if you can RNG breed a Timid Oshawott with electric hidden power?

    With this info:

    Pokemon: Oshawott
    Nature: Timid
    Gender: I perfer a male but if you get a female, that's fine.
    HP - electric
    IV's: 31/31/31/30/31/31
    Egg moves: air slash and brine
    Hey Fenix, do you know how to rng breed on the 5th gen.?

    I mean do you have enough experience at it?
    I simply have no idea. Could you possibly just leave the credits on you trade thread and I'll look at it later?
    Seriously recommend you to delete the post with your e-mail. You know, for safety reasons.

    Already sent you an e-mail.
    Just to tell you I have 10 ready. Just tell me your e-mail via PM or tell me how should I send you the .savs.
    Lol. Okay.

    I did 5 now. Will do 5 more later today. But I won't be able to do 20, unfortunately. :/
    I know you want to hit the 500 mark, but how soon? I won't be able to go berserk and do this all day, so...
    I don't quite understand the specifics of your request actually, I can create an untouched white .sav file from an emulator, then email it to you. If you want more... I can... duplicate them? There's not much point, really. If you want more, how do you want them different?
    ~tried running DesMume with CrossOver~ Ern... It looks like it's working. Are you using a Japanese Pokémon White ROM?
    Ouch. Yeah, doing 500 files with this method will take forever. But as far as I know, outside using external devices such as Pokesav, I can see no other way to create .sav files, I'm sorry. :/
    Well, every time you start a game and save it (ingame), you get a .sav, right? So you just need to move that .sav to another place and start the game again. When you save it, it'll generate a new .sav. That way you can create as many .sav as you want.
    Oh sorry. So I misunderstood. Well, but you need specific ID/SID combos or just any ID/SID combos would suffice?
    Oh so you have a real cartridge, a retail card, as I first thought. Yup, the only way I know how to make .sav of retail cards is with NDS Adapter Plus.
    Okay, that I knew. But you have a real cartridge, right? That's why you can't create a File.sav so easily, right?

    It's a device that reads the cartridge and makes .sav of your game. More info here. But I don't know if it works with B/W. :/
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