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  • Ctrl+N advances the frame 1 at a time. You can remap it somehow though. Mine is set to N.
    Here. I think the SID is generated later than the screen right after you enter your name (the one with the Yes/No option).
    That will work I guess.

    Did I tell you how to do SID abuse or did I tell that to someone else? I forget.
    not using your game for 90 days doesnt seem like a present to me ;) :P Sinterklaas present maybe :P
    yay, now go and chuck like 100's or repeat balls at it :P I hate catching legendaries, low catchrate makes me cry :(
    rofl, I had thought you could buy them, probably me though but gen 3 is so long ago :D
    Oh wait... The seed in Emerald is always 0. When you search in PokeRNG and it asks for Min and Max delay just put in 1 for both of them and it will only give spreads with a seed of 0.
    I'm sure youll be able to figure it out :D which in turn would make you better at rnging then myself :P
    by breeding and yeah the careful spread looks good, nothing more flawless though? :P
    Not bad... is it a shiny spread? If you're going to go for a speed reducing nature consider a spread with near 0 speed IV.
    well, brave, not really, id go for careful tbh :P on registeel at the very least :P
    should you want to EV train more stuff, I got a bunch of stuff cloned today thats all up for EV training :D
    Heya, Phatty told me to consult you for the Batwoman giveaway prize. I dont need it tbh. So I guess you can keep it if you'd like :)
    By the way the game doesn't advance at exactly 60 frames/sec so when you get really high up in the frames you'll be off (this happens on a retail cart too). My Careful spread was at something like 144, frames so I made a save state at frame 144,180,000 and backed it up. I was off by about 11000 frames at that point. That save state let me get all 6 pokemon that I just got.
    Do it right before you check it the last time before it shatters. It goes to near the top-middle of the area and glows bright red. Do note that if you take more than the minimum amount of steps to reach the triangle it will reset the triangle so once you're in position don't move at all.
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