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  • Make a save state at the start of the encounter. :D

    By the way if you're going to RNG it you don't need a synchronize pokemon. In Emerald all it does is if Synchronize kicks in it will pull up the first spread it finds that has the matching nature from the frame you're currently at. Makes it harder to pinpoint exactly what frame you're at.

    Also, that link I gave you earlier has a guide in it if you go to that groups main page.
    Yeah. I left it running for 5 days (not overnight though). Save states let you turn off the emu and keep your already advanced frames. I also used a save state to only advance the 144 million frames once and got all 6 pokemon onto different save files, then used VBA-link to trade them all to a single file.
    Sorta. If you edit the current seed to a value that it would be at in the future the game will advance it from there. ie if you set the current seed to the value it would be at frame 100 million the game will advance as if it was at that frame. However, it is not and if you use that method you must say that you used a frame change hack. Kaphotics said that a couple pages back in that thread and when I PM'd Expert Evan about the memory hacks he quoted Kaphotics' post his response.

    Edit: Also, this.
    Are you IGNORING my PM?? HUHUHHUHUH?? SOOO?! ....... ANSWER ME!!! lol
    where are you???!!! :o I NEED YOU!!
    EDIT: Oh wait... DONT TELL ME IT WAS TEG??!! lol
    The breeding guide there should be fairly self-explanitory. You do need to get parents with the right IVs in the right places though.
    I don't know how to do Wild pokemon in 3rd gen, only stationary pokemon (Method 1) and breeds. Have you looked at this yet? Scroll down to the 3rd gen section.
    oh okay xD and if u dont mind could i have those two 2morrow? ill give u 2 pokes just name any 2 and ill see if i have it and tell u the details :D
    awww well which ones have u done? if its okay i just want the ones u have done xD and what do u mean by "You can get it to r/s/emerald and then pal park it over
    "? sorry i dont understand that :(
    hey faller i saw that roserade u bred :D u can do shinines and iv's now? oh and can i plzzzzzzzzz have the savs u finished!!!!!!!! lol
    Once you get a good grasp of the 4th gen RNG (how it works, not how to abuse it), 5th gen will make sense to you.
    Well, my speciality is 4th gen lol, so the only things I need from 4th gen games are celebi's, because I missed that event lol :P.
    I dont have normal pea-shooters... I HAVE TRIPLE PEA-SHOOTERS!! MWUAHAHAHA!!

    :o Zombies cant turn back into humans! So that means YOUR a Zombie!! AHHHHHH!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVESS!!!! lol
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