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  • Alright, no problem, thanks for the pokes. I will check it out, I'm curious to see the set you make for it :)
    The usual arrangement is that you and I can both trade it. Whoever gets it from one of us, cannot trade it. Is that okay with you?

    Also, if you ever need it (not now, but later if neccessary) I can give you a non-nicknamed version for the people that don't want a NN.
    NVM the last VM, see you on the WiFi momentarily (need to quickly catch a new junk).
    I know about the 2 copies thing. I made sure I got 2 migrated with the correct nature. I kept a non-nicknamed copy for me in Emerald. Would you be able to trade now (do you have your stuff cloned?)?
    I finished the BP around 2 days ago. I've been pending migration and getting the correct ability apon migration. I leveled them up to 27, gave them rare candies, migrated, gave the rare candies so the evolved, checked to confirm ability was correct (only changes apon evolution), then traded to my game (I migrated onto my brothers because I had already migrated that day).

    Because of what was described in that long sentence above the BP ended up as a UT level 28 Machamp. I'm guessing thats okay, but if its not (little cup?) I can trade you versions that are still Machop (but you will have to keep trading with me until you get the right ability on them). I can trade with you the next time I see you online.
    I don't know if you got an offer for your request in the SQSR topic. I have synchronizers of every nature. So for now I know you asked for bold only, but if you need more I'm pretty sure I can provide some for you ^^
    You are playing on Plat, right?

    In case you arent aware there's a basement in the Veilstone D.Store that sells LV 32 poffins for 6400 each... It's much easier to do that way
    Ok. I'm still doing the job for TheMew but I am almost done. Be there soon. And you want a clone back right?
    Just to let you know, I do not possess any device to clone with. I perform the traditional GTS Cloning in order to duplicate Pokemon.
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