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  • Well, I didn't put much thought in mine. Although I gotta say, that Encore screwed me over. I was hoping to Psycho Shift the Paralysis from my Cressilia to you...
    as long as you can avoid the ubiquitous Water or Grass move, he can take pretty much anything and knock the shit out of whatever is smirking at him, trying to take advantage of that piss poor Sp.D stat. >=]
    yeah Rhyperior can take a Special hit better than a lot of people give him credit for. that HP stat is ridiculous. luff luff luff him. <3
    DAMN dude, another great battle! that crit at the end crushed my spirit...i thought there was a chance i'd survive it, and then if Mega Horn hit i had the match. but now i'll never know. T_T but like i said, extremely fun battle.
    gg man. i completely missed the miss/Lum on the first move (damn you internet!). if i'd seen it i would have Stun Spored again, and you would have exploded, and my Focus Sash would have saved me...and the entire match would have gone differently. also the Overheat caught me by surprise. after that, i was toast. T_T thanks for the battle! do you have any other teams? NU or UU?
    haha, no worries. i hate it when that happens. ;)

    yeah lets try again tonight. probably sometime after 9pm.
    hey i just got home, and jus got on, and i don't see you. :(

    i'll wait a few minutes. otherwise, guess i'll try to catch you tomorrow night.
    yup EST.

    use my Platinum FC.

    and it'll be a little after 12, as that's when i'm planning on leaving work. so let's say 12:20?
    i might be around later tonight, but i'm going back in to work for a little while, so it might be late, like midnight. tomorrow evening would probably work though.
    yeah true, still gotta get my SID, but i really only want a few pokes, which is why i am reluctant to get to into the intensity of this forum lol but thanks alot bro
    dude. are those pokes i EV'd for you the otherday redis or what? just would like to know, still having a difficult time finding things i need since i have nothing to trade. you know?
    thanks a lot, are these fully redistributable and are they only redistributable on smogon?
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