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  • Are you available to trade the Eevee and Jolteon from A e t h e r's giveaway?
    If so, Black FC: 4083 4923 5472.
    Can I have receive Aether's Giveaway; Female Eevee and Male Jolteon?

    FC: 5372-1348-5099
    Sorry to bug you, I've been waiting for over an hour for these eevees, are you able to trade them yet?
    Hey, would you be able to trade the eevee and jolteon once you obtain them? FC: 1034 0558 4743
    OK, PM me when you enter the wi fi room. Please wait half an hour tough, I want to write my RMT now (just saw the VM notification)
    Umm I wouldn't really like to do that, I'll just trade if you want. If you want to run the "risk" (after all, it's a copy of your Garchomp so you don't lose it), tell me and we trade. Otherwise just tell me and we don't trade and that's it I guess =P
    ok, I'll wait. but, what if it doesn't have HP fire? I don't want to steal your garchomp >.> I might as well use the gible I obtained, which already has 31 speed IVs and I can breed 31 attack IVs into it with my other pokemon.
    ...I only have black.. If I had a 4th gen game I wouldn't have asked for a gible in the first place.. you have black tough, so I can trade it there, right?
    I've registered your FC. whn you're ready pm me and I'll go to the wifi room
    wait, this is quite strange... the hidden power guy won't tell me what type of hidden power my ditto has since it doesn't learn that move, and when I try to calculate it with serebii's IV calculator it says it can learn like 9 different types of hidden power, including fire... so how can I tell which of those hidden powers it learns?
    Well I'll try to find one or see if my ditto has it.
    My most interesting pokes now are the unova starters, chimchar, turtwig, charmander, torchic, 5th gen fossils, and zorua. I'm working on a perfect attack and speed infernape but I don't seem to be lucky with the speed IVs. I have many 31 attack spitbacks if you're interested tough.
    not as of now i cant find the fourth gen cart, my room is that messy I am going through the pile tommorrow so hopefully i find it ill let you know!
    Decent? that is a beast! and it's 100% legal, right (I actually don't want RNG'd pokes)? I'm totally happy with that. What do you want in return?
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