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  • [Around and up the path]:
    After walking a ways along the base of the rock, you turn a corner to the path up the slope, but are stopped cold by the force of the wind. After hesitating for a brief moment, you cautiously slide forward along the path as it narrows into a small ledge, gripping the rock for support as you move. Being careful not to fall off as you ascend, you round the final corner and reach the top! Here is the spring/well for gathering water. now, being high up, do you choose to pause in your task and look out across the land, or go get the water and try to head back? [reply alters outcome]
    [The northern slope]:
    After picking up your bucket by your house, you trudge off to the norther slope, in the hopes that the shorter distance will dispatch you of your duty faster for a free day. Having never tried this route, you move forward cautiously, unsure of what to do. As you approach the slope, you spot what seems like footholds in the wall of rock in front of you. Do you choose to climb the rock, in hopes that you will be faster, or go around to the path you know is there on the other side?
    SAND STORY 001: Prologue:
    You live in a small desert town, on the wayside of a small country. Each day is a struggle to live, with each person assigned a specific task daily. Your first mission: Get a bucket of water from the well. You have 2 well choices to go to: the long but rather smooth route south of the village, or the northern steep, windy pass thats shorter. Which route do you choose? [reply influences storyline]
    ok cool :)
    I have a story background in mind, but i wanted to ask you if you wanted to give me ideas first. I've done the beginning portion on this story before, and its interactive :) tell me when you want to start
    story of songs
    or some other story or such.
    just thought it would be cool to tell stories through this little messaging system.
    also makes it easier to continue over time/get responses in interactive stories.
    just a thought :D
    Been bored lately, so i thought of something. wanna try starting SoS through this???
    tell me when you can ok?
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