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  • Nobody voted for it to be called "Nova Rebellion". Nobody voted period. And besides, your members are all inactive in the group, and if your leadership is as poor as your grammar, I feel sorry for you.
    That was not and is not my problem. If you have a personal bone to pick with Lux, don't expect Team Aero or anyone else in the Nova Coalition to be your private army.
    Partially because not having to fight Team Plasma while fighting the Team Rocket Corporation makes things easier for us, and all you are is one guy pissing people off. No one's really following your team.
    Im neutral with all Teams except yours you never left Team Plasma alone now your going to pay the consequences
    Your team has been nothing but a problem from the start the best thing you can do is disband the group and there not my allies we have agreed to be neutral with each other and back each other up if you try to pull anything
    Good to know
    Please leave TRC and TP out of everything
    Thank you

    Team Plasma Boss/TRC Admin Echosofchaoz
    Hi, Team Plasma clearly doesn't want to war with you, so please leave Echosofchaoz alone. There is no need for civil war on a forum like Smogon. Thanks very much. By the way, Riku is a great character.

    I don't have a shiny Ralts, sorry. I can't RNG abuse and I don't really have time to look for a foreign Gallade/Gardevoir on the GTS.
    K, I'll get it for ya... (I could just get a a shiny gallade if that's what you want... )
    If i may say something, why not help them so we can get the extra power and in return we help them with there war, both sides win.
    sorry we are an elite clan only the powerful can join we will only ally if u are willing to battle the mods with us
    ok well we are currently at war against the mods because of there tyranny
    No. End of story. One of my Admins brothers is a Moderator quit with the harassing or Ill shut you down. Plus out of all your new members maybe 1/16 are active. One toe out of line and Team Keyblade will be a memory. Leave my members alone and my group. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing. Thank you

    Team Plasma Boss/TRC Admin Echosofchaoz
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