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  • I don't think the burn really mattered too much, but vaporeon would have taken your spore anyways
    Yeah I have a Frame 1 spread so that is not the problem its the nature I am having an issue with.
    How did you get the nature you wanted on your Tornadus? I have been trying to RNG Thundurus and am having massive difficulty getting a Timid nature and just want to be done with it. Any tips?
    I can send you a near-flawless (31 / 31 / 31 / 30 / 30 / 31) Bagon with a Stone Edge TM if you have a random Spiritomb you could give me.
    Hello, I saw your request on the simple questions thread. I Have all the power items if you still need them. My FC is Plat:4511-6493-9280. Do you still need them?
    gameman87 again your help might be required:P

    You'd need a rather fresh savegame before Kanto for that, I don't know if you have something like that.xd

    Before having a PKRS Pokemon and also before being in Kanto
    still Elm has two messages:

    1. Evolution of Pokemon which we know already
    2. "It is unknown which Egg Moves young pokemon can get"(paraphrase)

    If we actually just trade a PKRS Pokemon over only, won't the Egg Move message suffice as a replacement for the Kanto Message?

    This would make things easier.

    I'd love to find out, but: no access to DeSmuMe :(

    Maybe you can?
    Hey, I read your sig. and was wondering if you could help me out with synchronizing the DS clock with an outside timer. I know how to RNG and all, but the DS clock always "mis-ticks" by itself and throws off everything. Any help on overcoming the ridiculous DS clock is appreciated. (Sorry for the long post)
    Yeah that was important to know since the Elm Seed Verifier requires you to have been in Kanto, so I wanted to know, if it was possible to RNG it later on after you got the Kanto message and stuff, since for the Roamer Verifying method I'm not sure about the reliability of the Starting Frames the program gives out and also what the boxes with the Routes are for, I sent my source code to mingot and hope we'll understand it , he seemed to be pretty optimistic and it will be implemented soon in RNG Reporter.
    All right so this is just for me: Do you know if I have to catch Lugia in order to proceed in the story line or is killing it also fine and will it respawn after E4 (I guess you can't tell that as well since you caught Lugia, huh?XD)
    Could you try to use the Roamer Verification Method? Does the starting frame match with the output of the prog? Also: if not, if you input at the Route Box the Route of the Roamers there, will it then?
    So it is really +1 everytime you call Elm?
    Also: It is for every message the same?
    One more thing: do I actually have to take the egg? Will the frame still advance if I let the daycare man keep it? thanks again for any help.
    How would I go about getting a lower shiny-frame than 145 though? In fact, 145 was the lowest shiny I could find, after maybe fifty soft resets. I did read somewhere that rng reporter had support for low-frame searching for hg/ss, but I have no idea how that's applied. Sorry if any of this is nonsense
    Hi, I saw your signature in the RNG support thread and decided to take you up on your offer :)

    I'm trying to RNG a shiny egg in Heart Gold. I'll get a shiny hatch on a low frame, say 145; can I use the force egg code 144 times and collect a shiny 145th? Is that how it works?
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