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  1. Team Hello Scizor

    Intro: So I've recently decided to pick up this new generation and it reminds me a lot of RBY and it's fast pace. I started off with an Explosion team and then made a RBY style team where i started off with a sleeper and almost everything had twave. I noticed that Scizor is similar to the...
  2. Back to the Basics [RBY Tournament] ROUND 2

    this looks fun! gl to everyone!
  3. College

    I applied to: UNC UPenn UW WSU UCSB UC - Berkely 90% sure i'm going to UW if I get in.
  4. Black Friday

    Fry's was 3 and a half hours for me. however i took 3 magazines and 2 books they were selling to read in line! in the end, i didn't buy any books but got a really cheap wireless router, more memory for my comp, and a 2G flash drive.
  5. The Everything NFL Thread

    go seahawks! though that last play was pretty intense...fumble on a fourth and goal.
  6. The Everything NFL Thread

    I really hope Alexander continues to sit out. Turning to the passing game and Morris is much better than handing Shaun the football 30 times a game for pitiful yardage. hopefully branch comes back and seattle will have its WR corps at fll power. go seahawks! also marvin lewis should give...
  7. Running

    I did cross country since freshmen year and as a senior the season just ended with no one on the guys team going to state (however the girls are ranked # 1). i started off pretty slow my freshmen year like 23 or 22ish. but i improved as the years with my PR being 18:45 which is JV on my team...
  8. How to play D/P Bot

    is there something wrong with irc atm? i can't seem to connect to the server.
  9. Fantasy NBA

    i'm in. what happened to joesph forte??!!! best sonics players ever
  10. Gen 1 A Tribute to RBY Stall

    the problem with rest on so most of your pokes is that it might be easy to predict the turns you rest = a free switch the turn you use rest. also an explosion team might give you alot of trouble. edit: watch out for wrap teams ;_;
  11. The Rubik's cube

    i want to learn how to speed cube becuase they the method i use (probably the newbie method) takes me about 2 minutes or so
  12. Class of 2008

    You those of you graduating this upcoming school year, I was wondering what colleges you guys were looking at. I really want to go to UNC but getting in is pretty much impossible b/c I don't live there and I'm not overly amazing at sports. My whole family went to UW so I'm probably heading...
  13. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    TDH was great. I finished it within 24 hours and then read it again. It was, for sure, my favorite one. My only problem with the book was the Death Eaters seem a bit weak except for Bellatrix. I always thought they were top of the line at school but they were easily beaten or evaded by the...
  14. StreetPKMN Round 1

    lo siento. cook and i will try to battle soon
  15. Kabuto Kup 4 - Back in Action

    confirming with wraith, jabba, and jrrrrrrrrrrrrrr