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  • Oh, BTW, gotta hit the hay, so I can wake up early and sell this Guitar Amp of mine to get $$$ for importing HG to get a headstart on all the special pokes like Kyogre, Groudon, AJ Feraligatr, etc...

    Night bud. :)
    There's something going on at a friends church, but that's about it. They're just a little church but they have an amazing set up every year! Lots of carnival games and candy and whatnot. Our band played there last year too!
    Not too much. Caught me just before bed. It's been a crazy night chasing my little girl all over Chuck-E-Cheezes!
    Night dude. This surfing pikachu is frustrating me to no end! I think I'm just going to give up on it since I don't need it and letting it sit there doesn't hurt anything. I've been trying for it for 2 days straight now, pretty hardcore, but keep missing it by a hair T_T Oh well...

    RNG can be so frustrating sometimes...

    Night bud. :)
    Oh, well, I'm still waiting on Allen (IPL) to get some free time. Hopefully this weekend. I just got like 7 uubers from Dr. Cossack, so I should be good. Still, I don't know if I'm even going to use them. :/ Meh, who knows. I might try some 2009 stuff.

    Oh, and you do realize you're still in this tourney right? And you still have as good a chance of winning as anybody else? It's swiss rounds, not single elimination.
    Great Game man! TOTAL PWNAGE!!! XD Your team was set up to counter mine sooooo very perfectly! Good Job! :D
    Cool. See you on too. Go ahead and set the battle up. I hit my seed, but for some reason my frame was 3 off??? Oh well, try again later. :)

    Good luck buddy. :)
    That's fine. Remember, these 6 pokes are my gift to you for helping me out with the Gym. You have full Redis rights on them, but please don't trade any others, K? :)
    Sure thing, I'm see if I can get in a match with mattj then I'm goin to bed for real. Night, man =]
    It's amazing, 100% honest. You got extra bulk, a Weavile and Scizor counter all in one Poke.
    Yeah, go ahead and get your 6 pokes and I'll go ahead and clone my 6. I've hit my seed several times, and I believe I've done my journal flips correctly, but keep hitting the wrong frame, so I need to back up and see what's wrong anyway.

    See you on right away...
    Great game! I'm not gonna upload like you said but I'ma watch it back because of it's sheer awesomeness! That thing really bolstered your team.
    Ok, I'ma log on now. My team's been updated big time so watch out! (oh and it's on the DS cause I can't get on the Wii right now)
    Hey man, I might not be able to get onto Wi-Fi till like this weekend cause I have a really busy week ahead. I'm about to get some sleep, but do you want to do a VGC match right quick before I do?
    That's fine, it has 252 HP/252 Def/4 SDef...did you want me to leave anything of that or just erase it all?
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