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  • This is the one I was given by Pokeguy. I don't know if he gave anyone a Lv 40 version, but it doesn't really matter you can still change EVs without leveling it up.
    Oh, yeah, the weavile's mine, but the Zapdos isn't so you couldn't trade that one without express permission from him (as far as I know). :/
    If you want to trade for stuff that you personally want to use that's fine though. Here's the rules for that though. Anything with my OT is 100% redistributable by everyone everywhere. However, anything without my OT is not redistributable at all, even by you (sorry, it would get me blacklisted here on smog if you'd trade something without my OT on it! =O)
    well, it kind of depends. I'm always extroadinarily wary of trading people even here on smogon. I don't think I'd really be comfortable with accepting anyone elses trades (however weird that sounds) I would just hate to show up with whatever and have it end up being hacked and get DQ'd because of it. Whenever I trade with anybody, I make sure they really know how to RNG and seriously grill them about what specific codes they've used, because certain ones will cause problems when they're hack-checked.

    Sah-wee. :?
    ??? My DS just shut off??? Anyhoo, see ya back on??? it's beendoing that lately??? :/
    No prob. I'm gonna go test out some teams today, but tomorrow we should have another best of 3 battle! That last one was great, but now we've got some new Pokes to test x)
    Oh, hey, too, have you checked my thread today for pokes you might need right now too? I just updated it this morning with a ton of new ones.
    Take another look at the rules for this tourney. It says you can have up to 4 UUbers and they can be anything, but Arceus. It isn't "quite" a VGC style tourney. :/

    Oh, also, are you free to pick up your 2 new teams now?
    XD! Looks like you're up against Dr. Cossack in the 1st round of the Smog tourney. Don't think this will be as easy as the serebii one. Looks like most of the people from Worlds and most of the people who should have made it to Worlds, but got "donk'd" for whatever reason are in it (IPL, Alakapimp, Zerowing, 616, Batpig, Tyler422, etc...). Also, just a heads up, once the Dr. C's seen your team, he's pretty good at picking it apart (just a warning. :?)

    Goodluck to ya. This'll probably be the best experience you'll get prior to actually competing in 2010.
    Hey GreySong! Didn't know you had a Smogon account. I just got signed up (as you can probably see).
    Great game man! Hit up Dr. Cossack in the Battle Me thread. He's reeeeeeeally good! You should get to know him!
    Heeeee's a comin! What I'm gonna do after this distribution tomorrow (did you check your PMs?) is ask everyone what they want and just do them all at once. I was going to wait till all the distributions were finished, but I figured, meh, why not just do everyone's at once! XD
    Hmm... If you used Night Shade against Shedinja earlier, that could have helped. Another thing that would have helped was switching out Garchomp for Abomasnow to instantly kill Shedinja with weather. That could have helped quite a bit. Otherwise, it was pretty even. Great game!
    Hi, nice to meet you! If you're looking for other VGC players I would recommend joining this group:

    Also, you should come on irc. There are a number of people willing to do VGC battles on #smogonwifi, and we often have VGC tournaments on weekends, both 2009 and the Japanese 2010 format.

    Welcome to Smogon!
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